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Woman / May 18, 2012

The past week has been eventful to say the least. On May 10th, 2012, I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism from Temple University. Words couldn’t possibly capture the vast emotions I experienced as I walked to the stage upon my name being called for the conferral of my degree, past family and friends… and my two beautiful daughters. 

Temple University 2012 Graduate

I now have something that no one can ever take away from me: a degree. I don’t think there’s anything quite comparable to that sense of accomplishment.

That same day, I checked my voicemail after my graduation dinner and found out I had been offered the job I interviewed for with a well-known non-profit organization. Employment analysts, professors and media outlets had been telling the class of 2012 for years that we were doomed upon Graduation. Here I was being offered the job I wanted.

God is Good.

I then checked my email and saw that Ebony Magazine had published an article detailing my journey from teenage motherhood to college graduate. Days later the article would garner some…colorful comments. I was overwhelmed with love and support by those who came to my defense without hesitation and without my request. All I could think was, “What did I do to deserve such an out pour of love and protection?” 

My response was simple. “God Bless you sister. I invite you to learn more about my family and I here —> Please be sure to post this response somewhere on my site. I would love for my readers to know that people like you are the very reason that God uses people like me to show the world what His mercy and love are all about.”

[[If I had a car, this would be the moment where I gripped the wheel tightly, revved the engine up and said some cool quote like, “Okay, let’s get it got damn it” or something of that sort.]]


The following day, on May 11th, 2012, I celebrated my 24th birthday by having a gathering at a friend’s house with food, drinks, music and a game of Twister. It was my birthday and I did exactly what I wanted. The Twister game and silly string war were truly one for the books.

A mere two days later, I celebrated Mother’s Day in Atlantic City with my babies. We went shopping, hit the beach, road scooters down the boardwalk and had dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse (one of my favorite restaurants). I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day.

This is what life is all about…

Furthermore, I couldn’t have asked for a better close to the most laborious time of my life. I’ve given birth twice, and those pains had nothing on the growing pains that I underwent for the past 6 years.

As I look back, all I can do thank God for placing the necessary people in place to help carry my girls and I through those labor pains of life. I went through a re-birthing this past week. My strength was renewed, my confidence was validated and my vision was clarified.

Everything that I set out to do thus far, I accomplished. That was confirmed when I received an email yesterday from the professor of my capstone course I had taken. I was featured on my school’s (Temple University School of Communications and Theater) website and he “couldn’t resist” personally writing an article on me for, the very publication I worked so hard to contribute to during spring semester; I’m beyond honored being that I have the utmost respect for Professor Christopher Harper.

Listen, I don’t care what the world manages to throw your way: when you know without doubt that you have a vision and purpose, don’t let a damn thing–person or circumstance–stop you. And don’t ever stop yourself by doubting your capabilities.

Six years ago I set out on a journey to get my degree and I couldn’t quite picture this day.

Now I know why.

My frame of mind back then was way too small to conceptualize this glorious outcome.

My source of strength and inspiration, Tammy Charles, my mother.

I’m glad I never quit.

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