Thanks Foluke D.

Woman / June 7, 2012

I can’t say this about many people, but I can damn sure–without doubt or hesitation–say this about her:

I’ve never met anyone like her–not at any point in my 24 years of life.

My fellow TU Alum and Portland, OR native is one of the most energetic, outspoken, spontaneous and cultured people I’ve ever met. Foluke is the point where suburbia meets the hood, where classy meets “bitch please!” and where dreaming meets reality.

I’m always inspired by her.

When we’re good, we have the best times together. In an instant we’ll go from believing that we’re rappers (no really, we make up new songs every time we meet up) to planning our world take over using British accents. And when we’re not good, we’re two of THE most stubborn people you’ll ever come across, causing one to wonder how we’ve remained friends for over four years.

Over the weekend she called me and requested that I write her biography for her broadcasting online-portfolio.

“We can go to Center City Sips on Wednesday and grab some drinks and a bite to eat–my treat,” she said.

She knows I’m a fat kid and she knows I enjoy a good drink; this is why I love her.

So yesterday I found myself driving out to her house way earlier than our scheduled meeting time so that we could have a “productive session” of working on our individual projects, in good company. Not long into our session our stomachs began to curse us out so she recommended a spot that I just HAD to try.

“It’s a lunch truck…but it’s good, I promise,” she said.

She wasn’t lying.

Clearly I’ve been under a rock because Tacos Don Memo is insanely good Mexican food. Located at the corner of 38th and Samson, the small, sparkling clean lunch truck accumulates a line that can stretch around the block.

“Two steak quesadillas with avocado, please,” she chimed.

Little did I know.

We weren’t even able to get pictures of me eating the food because I inhaled it before that could happen, so I had to snap a shot of her container. Just a forewarning, it was a little messy to eat, but it was well worth it!

By this time I had somehow agreed to conduct a “photo shoot” for the pictures she needed for her portfolio. I’m not now, nor have I ever considered myself a photographer, but I figured “why the hell not?”.

Foluke’s room is full of character. She kept trying to think of the best place to take the pictures, but I saw all the props we needed in her room. She purchased a lot of antique items so it was perfect for the classy, professional look she was going for. While she applied her make-up, I completely rearranged a section of her room and began to work on the lighting. I managed to snap a few shots of her applying her make-up; she made the classic faces that I think all ladies make (with some variation) when they “color their faces”.

The “photo shoot” was hilarious. When she finally got the chance to review the photo’s, she nearly screeched.

A pair of earrings that she recently purchased from Charlotte Russe. Love these!

“OMG these are amazing! I didn’t know you’re THIS good! I was just going along with this whole ‘photo shoot’ thing to amuse you! You need to take photography classes,” she said in between breaths.

“Amuse ME? What the hell–you wanted me to take them,” I shot back.

This is classic “us” which is why our day continued on in laughs and more craziness.

We never did make it to CC Sips.

By the time we parted, I’d raided her jewelry bag and scored a ton of new pieces (friends are the best, HA!), had some new material to include in my journalism portfolio, a full stomach, and new-found inspiration; she had wonderful pictures, a biography and a trusted critique of her portfolio website.

This is why I love our friendship; we give and take. We recognize that friendship is not about what you can get out of the person because you know that they genuinely like you, but rather what that person gives you because they know what your needs are and they respect what you’re trying or like to do.

We support one another. We motivate and inspire one another.

I’m seriously considering those photography classes now…

Thanks Foluke 🙂

Playing around during our “shoot”. See…I described her perfectly.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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