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Sincerely Chosen / August 24, 2012

A few weeks ago while on twitter–I tweet often, we should follow each other: click here–I came across a YouTube video that featured a flash mob at the famous LOVE Park in Center City Philadelphia. Last year, Philadelphia struggled to prevent violent

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teen flash mobs from occurring–especially since they mainly took place in popular areas of Center City.

But this video wasn’t full of pre-pubescent teens with nothing better to do.

These were grown men and women flash mobbing…to work out.

They’re called “fitness flash mobs”.

The fitness flash mob captured in the YouTube video was conceived by Jordan Jackson, personal trainer and President of 100% Fitness. After holding his initial flash mobs at the Art Museum and LOVE Park, Jackson decided to take the

President of 100% Fitness, personal trainer and co-owner of “Greek and Life” boutique, Jordan Jackson.

“mobbing” on the road to the nation’s capitol.

A little over twelve hours before our capitol is scheduled to be hit with fitness flash mobbers–organized by a guy from Philly, mind you–I had a chat with the man responsible for it all.

Someone get the First Lady on the phone. Something tells me she may want to consider getting involved with this…I mean he’ll be in the city anyway.


SS: How did you become so passionate about fitness?

JJ: I became passionate about fitness while serving in the US Navy. We had to get up at 4 a.m. daily for physical training so it was something that just became a part of who I am.

SS: Thank you for serving our country! I know you served our country, but are you also a certified trainer?

JJ: Yep. Got certified in the Navy.

SS: So what exactly is 100% Fitness?

JJ: 100% Fitness is a lifestyle embodiment dedicated to helping people improve their overall health! We do this through our core values: COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE, SERVICE, and CONFIDENCE. We believe that if you feel good, you can and will lead an inspired life with an inspired purpose!

SS: Those are strategic and admirable core values. What inspired the idea for 100% Fitness?

JJ: A few things. I wanted to do my part in helping with the city’s (Philadelphia), as well as the country’s, obesity problem. I believe in many cases you can choose not to be obese. It’s just a matter of discipline and dedication. I also wanted to do something different as far as events were concerned. I’m not a party goer, a party promoter, or anything like that… I’m a guy who’s into health and fitness, so why not hold events that I feel comfortable with and that are in my lane?

SS: Well that makes sense. It sounds like you’re doing what you love. The fitness flash mobbing is a wonderful concept! Can you give you some background on how it came about and why you decided to do it?

JJ: Thanks! I appreciate that! When I came home from the Navy in January, I started holding group workouts for my friends and whomever they wanted to bring. At one of the workouts my friend approached me about taking them to the next level. We talked about a few things and the small, open workouts I was holding turned into a growing movement.

SS: You must be a pretty good trainer to gain a movement. How long have you been holding the “mobs”?

JJ: We were mobbing since I was holding the small, open workouts at St. Joes with right people [laughs]. But once I decided to take some great advice from a friend, the first “FFM” was June 2nd at the Art Museum steps. We’ve had a hell of a lot more than eight people ever since. Ha!

SS: Haha! It’s good that you took their advice! How do you get the word out?

JJ: Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth from the clients I train, and just word of mouth period.

SS: I’ll be sure to provide our readers with your information so they can keep up! So I know you have a “flash mob” session scheduled for 10a.m. Saturday, the 25th at the Washington Monument in D.C. –you’re committed to fulfilling your vision! What your overall plans for the fitness flash mobbing?

JJ: I wanna hit every COUNTRY! I’m really proud of the idea. I think that it just needs the right backing and it could be a worldwide thing for sure! I’ve done a lot of traveling and I see the need, as well as the desire all over the world to get healthy and fit. So hopefully 100% FITNESS and FFM’s get the right backing to take it to the next level.

SS: One of the core values of 100% Fitness is “commitment” so I’m sure you’ll see to it that the movement gets the support needed! For those who may have interest in joining, where are you holding the next “flash mob”?

JJ: After tomorrow the next FFM will be September 15th at the Piazza in Philadelphia. It’ll be an evening workout this time too so all of the people out drinking and eating their Krispy Kreme burgers at PYT can look out and see us working hard. Hopefully they feel bad and join in [laughs].

SS: Aw, no fair! You’re playing dirty now. Don’t judge them…I like PYT burgers [laughs]! What’s up next for 100% Fitness?

JJ: Hopefully taking over the world [laughs], but I want to get into the Philadelphia public school system. A lot of money is being cut for during and after school activities, so I really want to do my part in giving kids an outlet other than the streets. Working out, being healthy, and feeling good has no age [limit], so I think 100% Fitness could really do some good service in helping Philly. I also want to continue growing the FITNESS FLASH MOB following. I want them to get so big that they become something no one can ignore. In just two months we’re going out-of-state, so the progress is looking good so far…

If you’re in the D.C. area and/or interested in getting involved with 100% Fitness and the Fitness Flash Mob, follow on twitter by clicking here or check them out on Facebook here.

This looks like a movement that has great potential to impact us–and our waistlines–for the better!

– Sincerely Syreeta

AGAIN: 100% Fitness Flash Mob Saturday, Aug. 25th. in Washington, D.C. at 10 a.m.

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