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SS Calendar / SS News / March 4, 2013

Life can be a bitch.

That’s the pure truth.

It can break you down to your most fragile, unimaginable state and invoke the deepest sense of isolation and depression.

When the beating seemingly ceases to fail, a person–like any other being on this planet–searches frantically for an escape. That escape may be found through potentially harmful outlets such as substance addiction, alcoholism/alcohol abuse, physical abuse [self-inflicted or otherwise], promiscuity and/or perhaps the most saddening: suicide.


The Center for Disease Control reports that suicide is the:

“third leading cause of death among persons aged 15-24 years; the second among persons aged 25-34 years;  the fourth among person aged 35-54 years;  and the eighth among person 55-64 years.”

According to the most recent statistics provided by the American Association for Suicide Prevention, in Philadelphia alone, there were 1,576 suicides in 2010.

Fifteen hundred, seventy-six people took their lives in our city.

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In 2012, North Philadelphia, and Temple University more specifically, were hit hard with this reality when two people, a male and female, committed suicide in February and November respectively. The gentleman was a former TU student while the young woman was an active student. Both suicides were committed in a public location: the popular Liacouras Walk on campus and the 4th floor of the Liacouras Parking garage located at 15th and Cecil B. Moore Streets. Both victims died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot.

This year, HER Campus Temple, “an online magazine for college women that individualizes its content college-by-college by establishing My Campus branches at schools across the country”, decided that enough was enough.

“Suicide affects us all. With the devastating loss of a fellow Owl last semester due to suicide and others that have occurred throughout the years on Temple’s campus, it is imperative that we as students speak up and speak out about the issue of suicide.” – Her Campus TU

Although Her Campus™ serves as a “hub for everything college women need toSSSCHerCTU_Flyer1 know about today”, under president, Jaimee Swift’s direction, the Temple branch has teamed up with the iChoose2Live organization to reach all demographics with one main purpose: to raise awareness about bullying and suicide via a play and music fest.

As a fellow TU Alum and Philadelphia resident, I stand in full agreement and support of HER Campus Temple’s words and vision: Suicide does affect us all. The fact that life circumstances can drive a person to take their life is a frightening but necessary reality that we must work to address–especially here in Philly. There are so many of us struggling to survive in this city while also battling our own demons; the need for mental and spiritual wellness is crucial to anyone’s survival on this earth. Given the recent occurrences of gun violence on the national stage, it’s become apparent that we must give a higher priority and focus to the issue of mental health and its effects on our society.

We all have a role to play in this even if it means simply spending a couple of hours interacting and connecting with those joined in the cause.

With this in mind, is partnering with HER Campus Temple to sponsor the FREE ADMISSION event, Peace in the City: A Non-Violence & Suicide Awareness Music and Theatre Fest at Temple’s campus on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Performers include Jade Alston, Yazz the Greatest and Temple’s very own, BriaMarie and more!

“When the Smoke Cleared” is a play that discusses the issue of suicide, how it affects family, friends and loved ones and how it can be prevented.

SS isn’t the only Philadelphia brand, business and/or organization rallying beside HER Campus Temple and iChoose2Live’s mission; nearly 50+ others are as well. So mark your #SSCalendars and join us as we Choose2Live not only for ourselves but for every single person in our city [specifically] as well.

Let us know you’re coming by clicking here and confirming that: iChoose2Live.


Choose 2 live…“because that’s what’s survivors do!”

– Sincerely Syreeta

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