SS on the Scene [Part I]: PFW 2013 x FF Photo Shoot x Uptown Soul Pop-Up

Syreeta on the Scene / March 5, 2013
Always in the car!

Always in the car!

My goodness, life “turned up” on me quicker than Trinidad James in a room full of Molly’s.

Wait, does the -ie ending apply to Molly’s?


Nah, it may be correct, but I don’t like how that looks.

[Don’t judge me, you know you look at the way you wrote a word–when you have doubts–to make sure it’s right.]


As I was saying, life got so crazy, so hectic, so quickly! Now I have to try and catch up you lovelies up on all of the happenings in the SS world!

First Up: Philly Fashion Week 2013 [Feb 21-23]…

Due to the many blessings and opportunities afforded to me this year, I wasn’t able to attend every PFW 2013 event and see all of the 20 designer’s work. However, I was able to attend the Ready-to-Wear Runway Show.

I spied some fabulous faces in the audience such as the ridiculously talented make-up artist [and Sincerely Chosen feature], Koko Guerra; and my love, Philly PR Girl and the PR GIRL Team. In addition to fabulous faces, I also saw some pieces that had me ready to wear them straight off of the runway.

Check out the SS on the Scene Gallery below:

Take a look at the re-cap video that Fashion Up Events created. And if you have a little time to kill, read their article recapping the Couture Runway Show [click here].

Second Up: Fabulously Focused Photo Shoot…

The day after PFW 2013 I was up at the crack of dawn–okay wait…let me stop lying.

I overslept, missed my Megabus and end up having to drive to New York for the photo shoot.  When I woke up at 8 something–having already missed my 6 a.m. bus, I was certain my long-time friend, FF creator and Editorial Assistant for Ebony Mag, Melanie Martin, was going to kick my ass.

Fortunately, she didn’t and thankfully, the SS Team made it to NY in good timing.

Visiting New York always motivates me to go a little harder upon my return toSS_FFShoot Philly. Something about the city just shoots electricity through my bones and causes me to propel at increased speed and intensity. Being a part of the Fabulously Focused photo shoot only added to it; I was surrounded by beautiful, ambitious and diverse women. Although everyone has jobs, we each have our own dreams that we’re working towards; the room was full of future TV hosts, lawyers, health gurus and more. We are all “fabulously focused” in each of our respective lanes and I think the photo shoot truly captured it–especially in regards to our unique styles.

Fabulously Focused.

Fabulously Focused.

After we wrapped the shoot we were free to enjoy all that NY had to offer for the next 18 hours. Most of it consisted of food (HAHA, you all know how I am!). S/o to the Black Swan and Delicatessen–two of my MUST EAT places whenever I visit NY.

A special thank you to Mel for including the SS brand in an amazing project with a fabulous purpose.

You loves stay tuned to FF for behind-the-scenes coverage and the unveiling of the final shoot package!

And of course I snapped I few flicks… 😉

Third Up: Uptown Soul Food Pop-Up Restaurant…

“Fatkid’s in the building!”

Whoops…that’s just SS.

Takia McClendon

Takia McClendon

If you’ve followed the SS site for sometime now, you may have caught the write-up recapping my first Uptown Soul Food Pop-Up Restaurant. I absolutely love and support what Uptown Soul Food Vegetarian Kitchen creator, Takia McClendon, is doing with her vision of fusing the vegetarian lifestyle with African-American cuisine!

On Sunday, February 24th the pop-up returned to Wired Beans Cafe for a night of “soul food inspired plant-based cuisine”. At $8.00/platter, we had the opportunity to try “fresh, creative plant-based food with cultural ties to traditional African American & Caribbean culinary history”.

In SS words: I got the chance to give a new vegetarian dish a try at a reasonable price to see if it really tasted as good as it looked in the teaser pictures.

I ordered the Sweet Potato-Kale Wrap w/ Dried Cranberries & Walnuts and when I tell you I destroyed the wrap, I lie to you not. It was SO delicious and surprisingly “meaty”! The balance of sweet from the sweet potato and cranberries, and the salty from the kale was absolute perfection. This is definitely a dish that I could eat  over and over again–and even attempt to make for my daughters and I!

You lovelies have GOT to keep up with Takia and the Uptown Soul Food movement! Visit: to do so and get a little vegetarian cuisine in your life. Step outside the meat and microwave “boxes” and try something new…and tasty!

That’s A Wrap…


SS on the Scene…

At least for now.

There’s still so much more to bring you loves up to speed on! Like my career day experience at Abraham Lincoln High School, tidbits about my personal life, the end of my #CerebellumChallenge [who lost weight? I did!] and my interview with rapper and now actor, Juvenile, for the new movie out, The Power of Few.

So stay tuned…there’s so much more where today’s post came from! 😉

– Sincerely Syreeta

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