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Health & Wellness / Woman / March 6, 2013

Got Damn It, I Made It!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you may be well aware that I was aSSSC_CCDeclaration part of the #CerebellumChallenge for the entire month of February. 

Cerebellum H20 is branded as “intelligent hydration for the brain”. During the month of February, myself and plenty of others challenged ourselves to only drink water (more specifically Cerebellum). Cerebellum provided us each with enough cases to last us through the month and wished us well.

At first I thought it was a great idea because February is the shortest month of the year. I just envisioned it being along the lines of: “Wham, Bam, I drank the damn water, man”. But once I got started, my analysis began to change some. Super Bowl Sunday happened and I was surrounded by alcohol; I fought tooth and nail to keep from whipping myself up a fabulous [FREE] cocktail. More events started rolling in–such as my own event Sincerely, Love–right along with Valentines Day. Before I knew it, I was kicking myself in the ass for not inquiring about whether we could pick a different month to participate.

I got over it though…kind of.


Granted I slipped loves…

I had a day or two where I took a swig of tea/juice. That’s when I knew it would be in my best bet to enlist back-up.

Cue 100% Fitness.SSSCCC_Results

I decided to reach out to Jordan Jackson of 100% Fitness to ante up my physical outcome by throwing in healthier eating and a fitness plan. Jordan was absolutely amazing and provided me with a meal and workout plan. The work out plan definitely challenged me and honestly, it’s was nice to actually eat a full breakfast everyday for once.

By the end of the challenge, I had dropped over 10 lbs.!

Not bad right?!

So yes…it was a damn challenge, but not as bad as I thought it’d be! I can’t believe I accomplished as much as I did!

I’m happy to have been a part of this. Thank you Jordan for the work out and meal plan; I’m loving the results thus far–I will definitely keep going with that!

And of course: s/o to Cerebellum H20!

– Sincerely Syreeta

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