#SiSysHere: #Love4Mileena [Recap, Photo’s & Thanks]

SiSy's Here / Woman / June 4, 2013

I’m SO happy to report that Mileena TOTALLY enjoyed her community baby shower on Saturday! The shower was presented by SiSy’s Here [yours truly]; produced by Tickled Pink Events & Styling; and hosted by DW Media LLC and The Arts Garage. Guests enjoyed great food; sounds from DJ Qlassick; a tasty grape flavored candy bar; and delicious cupcakes thanks to Little Miz Cupcake! Moments from the cherished event were professionally captured by DanieG Photography and are located throughout this post for your enjoyment.

The day of the shower–after a CRAZY night before [posting about thatSiSysHere_ErrandsSSMileena separately]–we ran errands like mad women all while trying to make sure we still looked presentable in time for the shower. It was interesting because with my eledest daughter, my loved ones handled a lot of the planning with it and I never even had a shower for my youngest daughter, Gigi. With Gigi, I was in the city by myself, broke as hell and I relied GREATLY on donations to get what was needed for the baby. In fact, everything that I got was donated or purchased from a second hand store so…this was truly my first time doing something like this and quite frankly I was nervous as hell about it being a complete FAIL.

I suppose my most basic of worries was that it would not turn out to be everything that I envisioned. I wanted her to be able to readily see that there are people in this world who care–that you’re never truly alone when you’re brave enough to open your mouth and ask for help as she did. I know that she has been hurt a lot [like many of us] and that a lot of people have let her down [like too many of us], but I wanted to show her that there’s still good in this world–and that you can choose to become better over bitter. These were great intentions on my part–but it was also a bit selfish because this wasn’t about me.

This–and by this I mean this whole #Love4Mileena journey that started when I first met her weeks ago, now–was about what God ultimately wanted to happen. And THAT didn’t depend on the number of people who came to a baby shower or the number of gifts that were donated. It instead rested on the dedication of her loved ones who attended and were there [as much as possible] throughout her journey; on the hearts of the positive, loving “strangers” who came to support her; on the compassion of those who gave their time, energy, donation and services to impact her life; and on the strength that can be found in both of our stories respectively.

Click here to read the full recap and check out the photo gallery.

– Sincerely Syreeta, #SiSysHere #Love4Mileena

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