Happy 8th Birthday Arionna!

Mother / June 5, 2013


You came into the world and changed my life. You gave me purpose–took my insecurities and turned them into merit stripes.

I see God when I look at you.

You’ve been here before so I know what you’ll do: you’ll change the world and ignite a flame so bright that no one person can tame. You’ve only been here 8 years but you’ve already left your mark. And to think…this is where it STARTS.

I can’t wait to see your future. I can’t wait to see you share your light.

I love you. I’m proud of you. You’re beautiful, intelligent and loving. I believe in you.

I cherish you.

Happy 8th Birthday baby-girl. Sincerely, Mommy.❤

And for YOU sir…


Hey Keith, we came a long way as parents and friends, huh?

Who would have thought that when I took your seat on the bus in middle school, it would lead us to a family years later? We’ve had some rough times when trying to navigate parenthood as teenagers and young adults, but we loved unconditionally through it all.

Thank you for being a friend before anything and for being the great Dad that you are to our girls–especially our Princess Ari.

So on her birthday, I want to pat you on the back and let you know that I love you and I’m thankful for you. I’m proud of us, Keith. We actually did this despite all the odds against us and all the statistics that say teen-parents fail. We produced a beautiful, loving, dramatic little girl. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Let’s keep working as a team with the rest of our family to raise our girls right. xoxo

– Sincerely Syreeta

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