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Sincere Dose / July 24, 2013

I rose early this morning. I couldn’t sleep. My mind was performing a mental checklist of all that I need to accomplish today. Deadlines, story ideas, business documents, meetings, travel arrangements, numbers crunching, speaking engagements, bills [ugh] and more.

I laid there, eyes wide open, and began to feel as though the room was enclosing around me. Anxiety crept up my spine and gripped my stomach from behind.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath…

I love what I do and because of that, everything else will work itself out. My happiness and content with my passions and purpose comes first, everything else follows. I will succeed because I met my prayers to God with faith, love AND action. And although His will is the bottom line, His favor is also mine.

I’ve been reciting this pretty often and it always bring me great peace. It grounds me. I’m still growing in this journey to entrepreneurship and financial independence. This past month of being full-time with SS has presented plenty of challenges, but it’s also gifted countless opportunities. I took a risk and I haven’t looked back except for the sole purpose of giving thanks for the strides I’ve made in my life journey thus far.

I know everyone is not of a faith-based mindset so I’ll offer this advice for the remainder of your week:

If you claim that you love what you do, then love it unconditionally. It won’t always be as easy to execute your vision as it was to actually come up with it.  It may not immediately bring you the kind of money that you desire or feel you need. The success that you expect from it won’t always look the way you want it to….

But if you’re lucky, it will bring you happiness, and you will “make it” as a result of that. What emanates from within you sets the tone for the world’s reaction to, and interaction with, your dreams. 

– Sincerely Syreeta

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