Who’s Really In Control: You or Your Dream?

Woman / September 30, 2013

Last night I did something I haven’t done in while:

I sat down to do a personal free-write…and actually did it.

Writers may use the “free writing” technique when experiencing writers-block; I use it for that as well as a personal development exercise. In its most basic form, free writing is simply putting your pen to paper [at least I still prefer that over typing] and writing whatever comes to your mind–no filter or hesitation. This method has always been extremely effective for me in terms of self-discovery and expression; it allows me to see my thoughts and process through them for the purpose of positive growth.

That kind of thing can be important to ones general well-being, you know?


In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase of young professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers speak to the difficulty of balancing the ability to do what you love [in various forms and levels of commitment] without killing your love and passion for it.

Quite frankly, the shit is hard.

I remember a time when was simply my virtual diary for reflection and an online portfolio of my work. I wrote solely to express myself and what I was going through, and to hopefully impact someone [in a positive manner] in the process. With the [blessed] growth of my work and dreams, it has evolved to become much more since then and I’m so thankful for that.

But per usual: to whom much is given, much is required.

This SS journey–which spans a little over a year now–has been one of immense learning and growth. Within each challenge and success, was the underlying battle to remain firmly grounded on the foundation that this new chapter of my life is being built: my personal love for writing and succeeding in life, as well as serving, empowering and inspiring others. My goal has always been to do all of the aforementioned with integrity, wisdom and humility.


I think every dreamer and entrepreneur who decides to put action to thought eventually realizes that in order to successfully achieve your dream, you have to maintain the passion and love of whatever it is that you do. It’s great to work and generate payment from what you love to do, but if you aren’t careful to remain committed to first doing it for the happiness and purpose that it brings to your life–you may find yourself feeling burnt out or questioning why you’re pursuing it.

It’s similar to marriage. If you desire a healthy, happy and fulfilling marriage you’re going to especially need love, stamina, passion, good counsel and dedication to your commitment to achieve that.

Throughout the journey of SS, I remember staying up for 24 hours or more at a time covering events, doing interviews and writing around the clock. I was happy because of the progress I saw happening before my eyes, but I also began to notice red flags. More often than not I was stressed, I was failing to properly take care of myself and worst of all: I no longer made the time to write for Syreeta–to check in with Syreeta via the best way that I’ve always felt comfortable expressing myself.

That can be damaging to ones progress: when your dream begins to dictate your life.

There’s nothing more important than your personal growth and fulfillment because everything that is to come in your life [career success or otherwise] will grow directly from the decisions that your mindset, values and standards birth.

Red Flags…

The consequences of allowing your dream to dictate your life shows itself in various forms. For example:

    • You may begin to avoid tasks related to it.
    • You may feel an increased level of stress when your “thought train” begins to head for matters related to it.
    • You may begin to focus more on what others are doing and what you’re seemingly not.
    • It may begin to feel like more of an obligation as opposed to the long-term, happy commitment that it started as.
    • The money becomes more important than your purpose.

In any of these cases (and plenty more) you end up cheating yourself of the blessing [this is my perspective of success, you may not view it as ‘blessing’ per say but none-the-less…] that your dream was meant to be.

So last night…

I sat down and did my free write.

It was so interesting to see how my mentality and focus had grown since I last wrote. I believe this to be a very special and defining time in my life so to be able to physically see the progress of my understanding and prioritization of commitments and happenings in my life was like a pit stop refresher or refueling of sorts. I’m working on free writing more often in order to never lose sight of one of the most important reasons for why I do what I do.

The growth and blessing of is one that I’m willing to work, love and sacrifice for.

I love it so much that I’m willing to be patient on this journey and ensure that its growth is a reflection of my personal growth–it’s always been organic and authentic in that sense. I never want to lose or compromise that and the responsibility of preventing that rests largely on no one else but me–not my SS team, supporters, friends or family; they don’t write my thoughts, articles or work for me–they support the writer, the woman and the vision. It’s up to me to continue to write and serve with joy, sincerity and purpose.

With That Said:

I encourage you to commit yourself to the journey of your dream and not simply the attainment of it.

Maintain your love, passion and purpose throughout it and if you ever feel like you’re getting too far from it, be strong enough to do what’s needed to get back to it. This dream was everything that you wanted at one point–that doesn’t have to change as a result of external demands and internal pressure.

As for me…I’ve got some writing to do.  😉

– Sincerely Syreeta

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