SS on the Scene: “Throwback Tuesday” x I Made That Up [I Think] Just For This! ;)

Syreeta on the Scene / October 15, 2013
SS on the Scene, courtesy of Embacy Photography.

SS on the Scene, courtesy of Embacy Photography.

In the social networking world, Friday’s are generally recognized as “Flash Back Fridays” [as if Throwback Thursday’s weren’t enough].

But today is Tuesday.

So I’m doing “Throwback Tuesday” since I’ve finally managed to get to a working computer [I’ve been trying to get this post up since Friday…I’m pretty sure my computer has tapped out on me]. 😉

Below are highlights from some of the events I’ve had the pleasure of attending in the past few months. Now, of course they aren’t ALL of the events I’ve attended, BUT, I really wanted to highlight them since my schedule has finally allowed for some catching up on my writing [I sorely miss it and am changing that ASAP]. Plus I support the fabulous people, organization’s and/or businesses involved in many of them!

Anywho, let’s throwback to…..

Impact Boutique Turns TWO!

Impact Boutique is well into its second year of making an impact here in Philly and judging by the recent anniversary party, the boutique is surrounded by “brotherly love”!

Happy One Year Anniversary!

Happy One Year Anniversary! Caron Nikole pictured left…laughing! 😉

Boutique owner, Caron Nikole, celebrated the special occasion by hosting a chic shindig at the South St. fashion gem. Impact Boutique has developed a growing presence in the Philadelphia fashion, non-profit and community service area’s. If you happened to follow the SS #Love4Mileena campaign then you’ve witnessed some of Impact’s community work firsthand. Since then [and well before then], Caron has continued to be a community-supporter by joining forces with Terri Matthews, founder of Jaden’s Voice, an organization that services children diagnosed with autism and their families. Through Impact Boutique, adorable custom-designed shirts are sold and benefit the organization’s mission. In addition to that, Gurlification, a “girl power” themed movement garners support from Impact  via t-shirt sales as well.

Impact Boutique is a supporter of Jayden's Voice, a local non-profit that champions the cause for autism. These shirts were custom designed for JV. [Owner, Caron Nikole, second from right]

Impact Boutique is a supporter of Jaden’s Voice, a local non-profit that champions the cause for autism. These shirts were custom designed for JV. [Owner, Caron Nikole, second from right]

So here’s a very warm and deserved “HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY” [again] to Caron Nikole and Impact Boutique!

Check out a few snapshots below from the event and be sure to stop in at 644 South St. to say hello and check out stylish items in the store from local designers.

Click here to head over to Embacy Photography and see more photos from the event.

Made in America: More like…BEYmerica

Living United....

SS Instagram Snapshot: Living United!

Thanks to the United Way of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, more than 20+ volunteers were able to attend the two day event free of cost in exchange for event volunteer hours. Of course I hopped on the opportunity; what better way to give back AND get to see Beyonce for free? I had an absolute BLAST working the volunteer jobs and it was such a pleasure to reconnect with my UWGPSNJ loves.

Personal highlights: (1) Beyonce and (2) getting stuck in a mosh pit. First, Beyonce performed flawlessly; I see why people pay so much for her shows! I personally can’t afford the shows [Bey don’t pay the bills] so to see her live for free was awesome. She gave us top quality and more than enough to buzz about on our way home and for days to follow.

As for the mosh pit… Have you ever been stuck in a mosh pit on the Ben Franklin Parkway? It’s enough to make you thankful for your life. You can achieve anything in life if you can survive a mosh pit of that magnitude! Between catching a contact high of whatever was in the air and nearly suffocating from being smashed like sardines, you never come out the same way you went in.

And of course, only Macklemore was capable of creating such controlled havoc. He did an awesome job, by the way. I’m not just saying that because I like his music. 😉

Check out some of the video and photo’s from the event:

P.S.: Oh, and CAN’T FORGET Beyonce’s performance of Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You”…

Click here to visit UWGPSNJ’s website and learn more about volunteer opportunities.

FBH Philadephia Fashion Weeek

SS and Kevin Parker.

SS and Kevin Parker, co-founder of Philadelphia Fashion Week.

Last year was my first time attending FBH PFW and although my schedule has gotten much more crazier since then, I was so happy to attend this year. Philadelphia Fashion Week co-founders, Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott, have developed a reputation for fashionable consistency in Philly’s fashion industry; this year marks 10 seasons of PFW. Once again, quite a few talented designer’s work graced the runway and once again, Michael Thomas wowed the crowd–and local media–with his classic garments.

Click here to check out WPHL’s video coverage of Philadelphia Fashion Week by Antoine Johnson.

Take a peek at some of the SS on the Scene coverage as well as photo’s courtesy of Embacy Photography. To view more photo’s from this event and others in the tri-state area, visit:

Michael Thomas

Lady Embellishment

For more information on FBH Philadelphia Fashion Week, visit

Sheryl Lee Ralph and Carla Clarkson: DivaStarr Luxury Virgin Hair Launch

Sheryl Lee Ralph recently launched a new luxury virgin hair line, DIVASTARR, with business partner, Carla “The Hair Maven” Clarkson. Ralph, a dynamic actress, singer and activist held the launch event at the Parkside Ballroom in West Philly just steps away from her husband’s (Senator Vincent Hughes) district office. Author and media personality Envy Mckee, served as the host and kept the event flowing with energy (see our collage below). The launch event included live hair presentations and demonstrations by Clarkson and her salon, Marrki Starr Hair Studio; h’orderves and a cash bar; vendors; and giveaways of DIVASTARR hair and sponsored products. Ralph worked the stage and audience along with Jenice Armstrong of the Philadelphia Daily News

For more information on DIVASTARR hair visit:

#WeOutHere: Live at LOVE Park

LOVE Park was recently taken over by dj’s, artists, b-boy dancers and people giving away “free hugs” thanks to a lunch time concert curated by local community leaders and organizations. Together, the Rising Son’s organization, along with RS: This Is Hip-Hop, DJ G33k, Michael Gross and more brought a little heavy bass, lively entertainment and good music to the heart of Center City.

Performers included  Respect the DJ“, a group of dj’s in the tri-state area who showcase their talents and technical skills; VeNT; Charmane Martin; Project Positive, a hip-hop dance collective that inspires youth through dance; King Midas and Young Savage; SAP Sounds; and Suzann Christine.

Check out photo’s from the concert courtesy of SG Productions:

– Sincerely Syreeta

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