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SiSy's Here / Syreeta on the Scene / October 25, 2013

“When you’re in the thick of pursuing your dreams, you take notice of people who consistently (and genuinely) uplift, encourage and support you.”

I had known about my speaking engagement for the Women We Miss Sisterhood Brunch for at least a month or more and I had been especially excited about it because of how the opportunity came about.

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I first encountered Teresa Graddick, founder of the Women We Miss organization, on a Instagram [I love them for this very reason]. At the time, I was working to assist a young teen mom at Germantown High School; that effort developed into the #Love4Mileena social media campaign. Teresa contributed to Mileena’s needs with a donation, support and encouragement. She’s one of the many people who made a dream come true of mine when they chose to donate to the revamp of the SS website [currently underway ;-)].

Teresa has been a constant source of inspiration and hope. Furthermore, the work that she’s doing to empower teen mothers is invaluable;  we both share a passion and desire to impact their lives  for the better.

So of course I was coming to speak at her event!

And I’m glad because the food was delicious! Haha! 😉

No really, Chef Zachary Conover did a wonderful job with the food selections. Pulled pork sandwiches; shrimp and grits; a gourmet meat, cheese and bread spread; specialty


beverages and more. My eyes danced at the mere sight of all that food. After eating and then discovering that he traveled all the way from Ohio just to donate his  services to the event, I was extremely impressed. He sent the room into an eruption of  applause when he announced that he would come on as the annual food sponsor for the brunch.

How awesome, right? It’s pretty damn awesome! You know how much it can run to provide food for an event? Sheesssshhhh. That was a blessing.

I hope he brings the shrimp next year again. #FatkidsUnite

I digress…

The brunch was one  joyful, empowering and tearful heck of an event. To be in a room full of women where there was nothing but a spirit of sisterhood, love and just a slight bit of competitiveness when it came to the raffle drawings [I mean, some of the giveaways did include a Coach bag and a basket full of delicious sweets]–was so awesome. On top of that, there were great opportunities to network [you loves know how much I value that tool].

Click here to read the full write up.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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October 25, 2013