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SS News / Syreeta on the Scene / December 5, 2013

TheCoalition_Dec1What is The Coalition [TWO]?

Well, it’s two things actually. First and foremost, it’s a group of some of Philly’s most influential millennial brand owners who are infusing their creativity into the Philadelphia urban social, fashion and entertainment scene with the support and partnership of VILLA. Brand owners include rapper, Chill Moody of “#NiceThings”, Curran J. Swint of Kings Rule Together, William Nearn of Abstract Thought, and singer, Beano.

Second, The Coalition–the event–is a an arts-based competition that showcases the talent, creativity and vision of the five teams (which are the brands and include VILLA) that comprise The Coalition group. The teams consist of rappers, singers, break dancers and visual artists that are commissioned by each brand owner. Once the brand owners assemble their team of talent, they then create a performance set that showcases their talent while capturing the “dope-ass-ness” [yes, I wrote that…and said it aloud too] that is music.

All for our fun and pleasure of course! Oh…and a $1,000 prize.

Shhhiiiii–they had me ready to say I break dance or something just so I could get a cut! It’s almost the winter…”ain’t nobody got time” for that damn heating bill!

Anywho, I had a blast guest judging along with Kate “Philly PR Girl” Marlys, George Miller of JUMP Magazine and Yusuf “Yuie” Muhammad of Veteran Freshman. The competition definitely proved to be a tough call in terms of judging–a lot of the teams put great effort into the conception and execution of their performance set. After having served as a guest judge last year, I must say: many of them did a damn good job of stepping their game up since then.

But only one team could win…

Last year, Chill Moody’s Team #NiceThings took the win but this year Team VILLA claimed the $1000 win by just a few points.


Team VILLA included Suzann Christine (singer), DJ Ricochet, “Dinksworth” (breakdancer) , G.E.E.K Clothing Co., “Wise Vega” (rapper) and “Andre” (rapper/poet). Their victory was due in part to their dead-on reenactment of the popular Martin episode titled “Suspicious Minds” [yes, they had the stuffed Rottweiler], the cohesiveness of their set, and the engagement of the crowd [I mean damn, they had the crowd doing the Electric Slide].

SSOS_TheCoalitionTWO_CrowdAlthough Team VILLA won, there were acts from each of the teams that caught my eye and ears. Some of the stand out talent included: Eric Jamal, Luis Marrero, Jacqueline Constance, Get Up Art, Tye James and Marcus White! If you can, take the time to check out each of these artists, poets and painters as they are truly a talent to witness. Jacqueline Constance created a whole song on stage–I mean beats, background vocals–she did it all right in front of the audience with the tap of a foot on to her little electronic machine that sat on the stage floor. And no, I don’t know what the machine is called but damn it, I want it for Christmas!

Anywho, my fellow guest judge, George Miller, posted some great photos along with his write up of the event over at!

Click here to head over there and check it out!

– Sincerely Syreeta

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