Adios Noviembre: “SiSy’s Here” Edition

SiSy's Here / W.H.E.W! Project / December 6, 2013

L4M_MemorialNovember was a tough month because the baby girl who became my god-daughter, thanks to my work through SiSy’s Here, passed away. This took place even as so many other great things with SiSy’s Here were happening. I felt so lost after her passing…I didn’t know what to feel or think about the very work that I’d been so passionate about–the very work that was tied so greatly to my own story. I struggled tremendously to figure out what direction to go in from there. After a lot of praying, meditating, and crying, I realized that I had to be patient with my healing and the unfolding of my destiny…but I also had to keep loving and giving through SiSy’s Here.

Mileena’s life–especially within the five and half months that I knew her–was proof of why the work that I do, and the love that drives it, is so necessary.

And so the SiSy’s Here mission continues with Neriah in my heart and a new cause in my sights: SIDS. Her death will not be in vain; she touched to many lives and if I can do anything about it, her and her mother’s story will touch even more.

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– Sincerely Syreeta

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