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Breaking / Entertainment / February 17, 2014

It’s DJ G33k coming to you live from! It’s time for some Monday #G33kin’. When you see G33kin’, respect that your speakers are about to bring you some of the dopest sound you ever heard. Now, when you see G33kin or nah?, that means the dopeness is questionable. Either way, every Monday, meet me here so we can discuss…

Oh yeah, and if you ever hear something you think I should hear, local indie or mainstream, shoot it over to me at!

    1. Let’s start off with a local Philly artist who I appreciate ever so much for not only her unique vocals, but her impeccable live performance: Jacqueline Constance aka @JacqConMusic88. Her new EP (The Jacqueline Show) with Wes Manchild just released; the single is “Good Life ft. Antwan Davis”.


    2. I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to…but I want to! “Jhene Aiko – The Worst is my second pick for today. I’m just a sucker for R&B.

    3. Pharrell – Happy“! This genius of a man has crossed over so many genres of music at the same time. While he is producing with some of the most relevant HipHop artists, he and his Arby’s hat have the nerve to produce the “highest charting oscar-nominated song in more than a decade” (, 2014). Other than all that, I must declare this the official feel good song of the year.


    4. This next artist is a recent favorite of #SS…Marian Mereba – a voice with a combination of influences ranging from her times in Ethopia, Philly, and ATL. From her latest EP “Room For Living“, here’s “Magic Words“:
    5. Jersey native, Rich Quick was just in time for Valentine’s Day with his latest “May I, Say I“:
    6. You can find them referenced all around the SS site because hey, Philly supports Philly. The West natives Chill Moody, Beano, and Hank McCoy came back at us with their latest project premiering on MTV James last week. From “Who Do You Love…More” – “Last Night In Town“:

    7. #Throwback: “D’Angelo – Send it On” comes in the form of choreography. Having some dance in my own background, I enjoy googling my favorite songs to see what talented choreographer has mastered translating the words to dance. Here’s Parris Goebel & Jaycee Cook:
    8. I told myself I would give the song no shine because of its disrespectful song artwork, but I cant help but highlight some of the freestyles that have destroyed my memory of the original anyway…Who did it better, Trigga or Cassidy???
    9. So Beyonce’s album did numbers to say the least and Drunk in Love was obviously the song to remember. Out of no where, they add Mr. West to the track and spice it up a bit. What a threesome HAHA. Are we #G33kin on this one or nah? Oh, I added The Weeknd remix also, just for giggles…
    10. Last but most certainly not least is a local Philly artist I was put on to by the most random of coworkers I could have imagined, but I’m not mad. Lil Dicky got his fame through a series of Kickstarter campaigns that funded his videos and music production. This particular song, White Dude“, is not only socially conscience; it is also HILARIOUSLY TRUE. Let me know what you think:

That’s all for today! Can’t give you all the greatness in one day.


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