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art / Carousel / March 10, 2014


On March 2nd, 2014, the Urban Art Gallery Opened its walls to Don Christian, a young artist from the Germantown section of Philadelphia.  The exhibit is called “Homecoming” and displays beautiful and very detailed work that seems to create a scene for the viewer to create his/her own story instead of telling one for them.  Many of the scenes created by Don Christian give a peaceful aesthetic that perfectly contrasts his neighborhood’s reputation and that of the neighborhood his work is being exhibited.  The result is a must-see gallery for all art enthusiasts.


Click here the see more of Christian’s work featured by Concrete Cakes.

Concrete Cakes serves as a platform and resource for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. Visit today…but only if you believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. Photographs courtesy of Concrete Cakes.

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