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No matter how busy my week, the time I get to search around for the dopest new tunes is sacred. Follow me today people…

Monday #G33kin:

  1. First up is a duo I instantly became interested in. Their sound is so unique. Drawing no real comparison, their sound does remind me of the “Space Age” sound of Outkast. Here: 6lack & Twelve’Len – Pretty Weather. Check it out and let me know if we #g33kin or nah?
  2. So by this time, I hope you heard 50 cent‘s new song, The Funeral. It has a pretty accurate video depicting his consistent and fluid storytelling. This one takes us on a journey of the streets, where violence is senseless, but glorified as a lifestyle. I hate the truth of it all, but I can’t deny how well he captured this:
  3. This next guy is another artist floating under the radar. After some investigation, my opinion is he falls somewhere between Drake, The Weeknd, & Frank Ocean. He’s Johnny Rain:Something New Maybe?
  4. When I saw the cover for the William Bolton – Let’s Stay Together track cover I had no idea what to expect, but I had to check him out. I was quite surprised and honesty I think I like it. I took the time to check out his music and I have to appreciate him, especially because he does a lot of his own production:
  5. I will be the first to admit I loved Lupe Fiasco and wish he could have kept his momentum. I hadn’t heard much about him, but then I found this. Apparently he knows Ty Dolla Sign aka Mr. Paranoid well enough to do a track called Snitches. We #g33kin or nah?
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