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The more I experience, the better I’m able to understand the “keys to success.”  Of course, there is no one answer because everyone’s situation is different.  But most of what it takes to be successful boils down to practicalities and intangibles.

You have a better chance of reaching financial success if you develop practical skills that can earn an income under any circumstance.  If you then save that income, start a business and/or invest wisely, you can build wealth.  Simple right? In regards crystal-powell_family-law-attorney_pa_mainto the intangibles, those who have a “By any means necessary” attitude, often times come out on top.  This characteristic is what gets you out of the bed at 5am and off to the gym.  It’s also the characteristic that allows you to look at your current circumstance and decide that it will not determine your outcome.

Crystal Powell
 is a Pennsylvania attorney with her own practice that focuses on Family Law.  Her clients love her and her hard work has afforded her a comfortable lifestyle.  Even before strongly considering a run for judicial office, I think it’s fair to say that she’s reached a notable level of success.  But it didn’t come easy.   Crystal’s journey to becoming a successful attorney is filled with both practical and intangible insights that we can all benefit from.  In the interview below, Crystal shares her advice for aspiring attorneys, how she’s able to stand out from her competition, and how she was able to defeat the odds and rise through poverty.  Enjoy.

CC: Can you give me some background information on your reasoning for wanting to become an attorney?

CP: I always wanted to be an attorney probably since before middle school.  I knew that a Law degree was a very marketableCrystal-Powell_flyer-copy-2 degree so I wanted to be as marketable as possible.  My other choice would have been an actor.  Some people say lawyers are both [laughs].

CC: For someone who’s on their way to Law School, what advice would you give them?  Are there any

CP: The biggest disadvantage I had going into Law School was that I really didn’t know anything about practicing law.  I knew nothing about being a lawyer besides the glamorous side shown on TV.  No one in my family was a lawyer—I was the first one to go to college.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  It’s not like college.  It all sounds good but it’s a very grueling experience because you don’t have time for anything outside of class.  It is not to be underestimated so you really have to be certain that this is what you want to do.  So if you can get some experience with an attorney or even just a basic conversation to understand the animal you’re about to get introduced to, you should do so.

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