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Entertainment / Music / March 31, 2014

Happy Monday!!! An unusual number of international artists made the list this week. I love to expand my music horizon so I hope you do too! And even if you don’t, today you will!

  1. Artists from overseas who venture to America often have some of the best sounds and concepts. Mariami is no different. My favorite of hers is the random Bob Marley sample (she actually has American main stream lyric references in a couple of her songs). Make sure you head to her site to check out her other tunes, but here’s her latest, Best Friend:
  2. Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful video filmed in the streets of the UK coupled with the soulfully honest ballads of an individual who looks nothing like their voice sounds? Additionally, there’s a grand choir somewhere singing the chorus with this young man. I have officially fallen in love with Sam Smith, and more specifically his song,  Stay With Me:
  3. From international artists, right back to my home town, I support them all. While I try to stay pretty updated on the talent coming out of our town, I obviously missed Moosh & Twist. Regardless of how I feel about their music, they are apparently reppin Philly in some pretty big ways. We #g33kin or nah? Check out, I Got It:
  4. So after watching Cadillac Records, I was left wondering how much of Columbus Short‘s parts were true recording versus a voice over. Nevertheless, in the midst of his current criminal “scandal” comes a R&B single. Does it matter that he’s up for assault if he can sing a good faucetto? Here’s Gave Ya:
  5. [Explicit] #Wildcard of today is one I just had to SMH at, but I don’t want to taint your perspective…Diddy ft. Rick Ross & French Montana – Big Homie:
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