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Entertainment / Music / April 8, 2014

Can I just say that I’m happy to be here?!

I almost lost all of the music on my databases. It’s DJ suicide!

We’re back this week to see if we #g33kin or nah? Prepare your ears for this week’s list.

  1. So I hate that HipHop has this idea of beef. I think we all want there to be multiple rappers (which means more options and perspectives) at the same time. Nevertheless, they continue to come at each other. How did we end up with a Jay-Z/Drake beef? I personally am not interested, but some are calling Drake’s new song a rebuttal to Jay calling him “Mrs. Drizzy“. Whether it is or not, he definitely did something new with this Lauryn Hill sample. What you think? Draft Day: 

  2. The Roots are a legendary group (whether you are from Philly or you just know GOOD MUSIC). Their 11th album, And Then Shoot Your Cousin, is said to release soon, so let’s take a listen to their first single. When the People Cheer:
  3. I first stumbled into this artist when I was introduced to an American Eagle music series featuring various small artist singing songs about things that promoted the brand.Jeans.

    She was singing her heart out acoustically about the different types of jeans she likes to wear. Without warning, Tiara Thomas crept onto the radio in the original version of Wale’s hit, Bad. Whether you kept up or not, she’s had a plethora of singer/rapper singles and here’s her newest, You Do:


  4. Coincidentally, Tiara Thomas has joined some A-List artists such as Rick Ross French Montana on Fat Joe’s latest, Another Day. I must salue Fat Joe’s spot-on depiction of inner city life in low-income neighborhoods. #Conscience.
  5. #Wildcard| Who was ready for Bow Wow to grow up? I wasn’t, but he is here now. He’s cursing, talking about drugs, and bragging apparently. We #g33kin or nah? Aim to Kill 


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