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She  picks up speed whenever she’s sinking/ uses that steam to make it up mountains/that’s how they know her/ the rolling stoner…” – Rolling  Stoner, Room For Living EP

imageThe “Rolling Stoner” everybody needs to know is Marian Mereba. The 24-year-old Ethiopian-American readily embraces what so many fight: change and the evolution of self.

I was going through an intense moment of evolution when I first experienced her EP, Room For Living. I listened to the first track, “Rolling Stoner,” and could barely move on to the remaining nine because I kept repeating the damn song. With every song I became entranced with her folk-sounding voice, soulful vocals, fluid delivery and wordplay (ex: “profitable prophet, pick pocket the non-believers”), Lauryn Hill-esque raps, and compelling storytelling. At any given moment in her body of work, one can find themselves wandering through genres such as folk, pop, and soul; the EP is a museum of audible artwork that captures the beauty and unlimited potential of musical artistry.

So yeah, I basically had an eargasm.

A fellow rolling stoner, I know it’s never easy to catch one [let alone keep one], but thankfully, I had the chance to do so with Mereba—if only for awhile —just as she wrapped her tour in France where she opened for Cody ChestnuTT.  The Atlanta native opened up about how her life and her dreams of becoming an artist ultimately set her on a journey to “make room” for herself in this world.

Click here to read the full interview.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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