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BF202At 29 years-old, serial entrepreneur Nicole Sanchez has always been business-minded. The Harvard College and Harvard Business School graduate has been honing her skills since childhood.

At the age of 8, the New Jersey native started selling candy to her classmates after school (and charging interest for those late payers). By high school money became tight due to her parents’ divorce and Sanchez realized that she’d have to work for what she wanted. And work she did. She’d put in 60 hours a week during the summer working jobs as a fast food employee and lifeguard, and by age 15, she was able to hire four additional people to sell candy alongside of her at her school. Her candy business venture funded two high school trips to Europe and what she calls her “hair habit”–her love for keeping her hair styled. It was that same hair habit that drove her to work on the African American marketing team that helped launch Pantene Relaxed & Natural products in 2004 and inspired the conception of her start-up hair extension distribution company,VIXXENN.

When it came to creating her latest business venture, Sanchez sought to eliminate the struggle consumers face finding “high-quality [hair] products suited for us.” Her love for business and community impact came to a head in 2014 when she founded VIXXENN, a company dedicated to  empowering hair stylists–whom Sanchez considers some of the greatest entrepreneurs in our community–to earn additional revenue beyond the services they offer their clients by becoming virgin hair distributors. Without ever having to carry any inventory, stylists earn commission with every referral they make to her online hair business. chatted with Sanchez about her experience as a minority at Harvard, life as a serial entrepreneur and what’s up next for this Jersey girl.

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– Sincerely Syreeta

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