Sincerely Chosen: Ameen Akbar, Director of Student Life at YouthBuild Philly Charter School

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“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

SCLISAug_9753Ameen Akbar lives his life in accordance with the Greek proverb quoted above.

If there was ever a time when we need the black man’s voice, strength, leadership, mentorship, power and vision…it’s now.

Fortunately, there are black men who have made a commitment to being and giving all of the above day in and day out. Ameen is one such man. I met him nearly two years ago at YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School. Since then, I’ve watched him motivate, empower and inspire young men of diverse upbringings throughout this city. He has dedicated his life to serving as a light and remaining unmoved in the fight to empower our city, young black men and the various communities they’re a part of.

As a child, Ameen desired to walk in the footsteps of his father and role model, P. Ameen “Skip” Akbar, in addition to influential historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Ghandi.  As a man, he has not only walked in those footsteps but become the same source of strength, direction and wisdom for the young men who are coming up behind him.

I sat down to chat with Ameen about his personal journey as a Philly native; the essence of manhood; public education with special focus on the drop-out population; the importance of mentoring in our city and his position with Kenneth Gamble’s, Universal Companies; the state of the young black man and violence among young black men; the role of Islamic faith in his life; and his thoughts on a plethora of hot topics. It was truly an amazing and empowering experience–one which left the audience members of the sold out show reeling in laughter, grimacing at the reality that young black men face, and [prayerfully] determined to “plant trees” of hope and opportunity for generations the to come.

As usual, DJ G33k provided the perfect soundtrack to a night full of inspiration and motivation while East Eden Vegan Catering and Aliyah Seven Wines kept the conversations flowing. I’d like to give a special thank you to our featured monthly sponsor,; our featured performer, City (@citydotcom); and Modern Day King Productions.

Ameen, thank you so much for sharing your story and for giving us a positive glimpse into the mind and life of an empowered black man.

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Zeek will be interviewed about his personal journey as an upcoming artist and Philly transplant; his gospel roots; the state of soul music; the power of music as an art medium; the Philadelphia music scene and the struggle to thrive in it; his success thus far and his thoughts on a plethora of hot topics.

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– Sincerely Syreeta

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