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No matter what happens this week, make up your mind to create your way through it. This is all about the transference of energy: zeroing in on the negativity energy within (or around you) and directing it towards a positive outlet or outcome. This week, focus any and all negative energy into something that you love or a dream that you’ve been mentally playing around with; you’re going to take the negative and use it for the positive building or leveraging of your future. 

Whether you’re an employee, entrepreneur, student or someone simply trying to figure out wherever it is that you are currently at in life (and where you’re headed), each time you encounter a frustration or negative thought, do something positive with it. For example: if you’re a 9-5er and find yourself becoming frustrated with your boss or task at hand, pull up a blank document and write down how you’d do things differently at your own business and why. In what way is your boss falling short and how will you ensure that when the time comes for you to have your dream business or organization, you’ll lead effectively? What kind of culture will you create for your employees? You could also take that energy and research more about your dream,  jot down ideas of yours, write down what you envision for your future [likely it won’t include the kind of frustration that you may be experiencing in that moment]. Revisit the document every day and add more to it by way of the negative becoming a positive.

Consider if you do this every day this week, the kind of progress that can be made for the goals or dreams that you have in mind. Your energy is currency in the spiritual realm–use it wisely and strategically. When you pay your way through life with negative energy, you receive a negative return on your investment. Invest your energy wisely. And why is this even worth attempting?

Because you’re stronger and more powerful than you think, and damn it…you’re capable of doing this. You were born with this ability whether your realize it or not.

So do it. Every single time negative energy or thoughts attempt to deduct from your energy bank, pay positive energy forward. Of course you won’t nail the exercise every time but trust me, the universe–God–WILL take notice and readjust accordingly.

So get to creating…and feel free to touch base with me Friday and let me know how the trial run went for you. 😉


– Sincerely Syreeta

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