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I have been doing a lot of new talent searching and part of me is loving their new music more than the mainstream. Welp, here’s some of the newest sounds for you to hear. We HAVE to get some more underground voices on the mainstream airwaves.

  1. When I logged on to start this post, the first new song I stumbled into included Omarion so I didn’t know what to expect. I saw he teamed up with Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko had to check it out. Then, I noticed the title as I listened to the lyrics…and I was saddened for the generation. You listen:
  2. In the mix of all the hipster music, T-Pain comes through and drops something conscious. I appreciate it! Check out his latest, Stoicville.
  3. I’m not sure how much the streets are going to take to this one. Might be a ladies anthem–home singing in the mirror type of thing–so I thought it was at least worth mentioning. K. Michelle has a new one for all the playerettes out there; Love Em All.
  4. This one isn’t exactly new; I’m posting it just in case you haven’t stumbled into it yet. We haven’t heard from Ludacris in some time, but here’s Good Lovin featuring Miguel. When he features, I’m always sold on the song!
  5. I love Usher, I can admit it. Currently, he is touring and definitely staying relevant in the industry. He has been releasing projects rather steadily as of recent and this is just another.
    I have to mention though that his single Clueless is available as a download code in special-marked Honey Nut Cheerios packages at Walmart. Talk about different. Nevertheless, the song is good! There aren’t many places you can find the official version of this so I’ll just include the best link I found.
  6. I wanted to round out the post with one of me new favorites who covered one of my old friends. Here’s Aaron Camper covering Ryan Leslie‘s Quicksand. I got to see him perform this live in Philly, but I was so busy jamming that my personal recording isn’t the best!
  7. #Throwback: Last on the list is a classic, old Kanye West. I hope you remember Addiction.
    #Bringing you "the perfect soundtrack to a priceless memory"! To #bookG33k visit Want to submit your #G33kin finds? Email: (subject: #G33kin).

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