“I am the melting pot–the dream–that America will never be.”

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“Somewhere in America, SS is writing…”

And here we are.


Let me start by first saying, “I love”…period.

I don’t hate or despise Darren Wilson, Mike Brown, our government, legal system, Caucasian people or any other person of a different ethnicity. The world needs no more of that. I’m here for unity, for forward movement for love and peace.

Not to EVER be confused: I’ll fight for what I believe and I am a proud African-American (and so much more) woman.

But as it pertains to the African-American community and the recent calls on social media to boycott Black Friday: the buying power of the African-American community is nothing new. The power that dwells within the African-American community is nothing new. What’s happening and how it’s happening to the African-American community is nothing new. Ask your grandmother, grandfather, and their mother and their father, and whomever came before YOU and possibly tried to warn you…

None of this is new.

But if THIS tragic event awakens a heightened sense of consciousness within you–well God bless this moment. The elders have been advising. The poets and artists have been proclaiming. The African-American professionals, educators and business people have been attempting to educate and empower us, and yes at times complain about the state of our awareness and our sluggish efforts to engage in the voting process.

And yet where do we spend our money? What do we choose to invest in? What and who do we choose to empower? What message do we choose to have our respective lives send to the world? Is your personal life message any help in a case like #Ferguson? A Molly over Mike Brown? A bad bitch over justice? Which do you value more?


Don’t act surprised.

How could you be? The world showed you who and what it could be long before you decided to try and live, build and love consciously. SO PLEASE: no matter what race, circumstance or emotional state….LIVE, BUILD, SPEND AND LOVE CONSCIOUSLY.


If you’re African-American and would like to change the world today, smile at a Caucasian person.

So many of the people of color that I’ve been seeing look angry (rightly so)…to the point where one Caucasian gentleman almost looked hesitant to make eye contact with me. Once we actually made contact, I genuinely smiled at him and there was almost this sort of relief that he exhibited as he smiled back. That man didn’t kill Mike Brown or Eric Garner or any of the others. Darren Wilson killed/murdered Mike Brown. That man didn’t do a damn thing but wake up and be white today just like I awoke and stayed black today. And while our ethnicity may change our day to day experiences, I will not force him to bear the cross of a murder he didn’t commit, a system that he’s just as much a part of as I am. And while his ancestors made the happenings of this current age possible, he did not [as far as I know].

I’m not a victim and I will not accept a victim’s mentality. But I am a strategic warrior and I know who and what the civil rights opponents are…and it isn’t every single Caucasian person that walks this earth.

They’re not all the same.

Years ago, my youngest daughter’s father walked out on us. And before that, an African-American man attacked me and my child in broad daylight on the streets. And before that, a young African-American boy violated one of the things most precious to me. And as a tween, a African-American man twice my age sexually assaulted me–it was my nephew, a toddler then, who got him off of me. And before that my own father, an African-American man, brought me my first heart break. And let us not forget how African-American men in the rap music industry currently and continuously degrade “me”, rap about how they want “me” drugged up and intoxicated, and want “my” body…and for “me” to have their babies. But I don’t make every African-American man carry the cross for the ignorance and painful actions of their brothers…our brothers.

They’re not all the same.

My African-American men, I love you all so much. What’s happening to you–what’s been happening to you–is an injustice. That’s one of the main reasons why I work with young African-American boys and support organizations like BMe, here in Philly, that seek to empower you all.

And my heart rips every time our boys are gunned down by each other or by the hands of trigger-happy, racially and culturally biased law enforcement officers. And speaking of law enforcement officers, I don’t force every one of them to carry the cross of their fellow brother’s sickening and despicable actions, or the corrupt ass legal system that they’re an extension of.

They’re not all the same.

As an African-American woman, mother and professional, I could be angry and bitter with damn near every aspect of this world and this country. When the American Dream was conceived 216+ years ago, it didn’t have me or anyone who looked like me in mind. What we’re dealing with is the nightmare-ish results of a dream that clashed with reality. We’re a country stained in blood from the start…and I recognize that means long term, deep seeded, consequences for us all, whether we like it or not. And just because we are–or at least once were–a superpower, doesn’t mean we are super heroes nor do we posses superpowers. We are a struggling ass country. We always have been. And yet, I’m personally committed to making this country a better home for us all.1511421_730014897080224_6238141838230951787_n

So yes…

I choose to see the beauty in the potential of our unity and our individuality. I choose to smile and be the damn change that I’ve fought my entire life to never lose sight of seeing.

So you can call me delusional but just know I love you.

You can call me delusional, but just know I’m very strategic in how I choose to carry out the change that I’m going to be in this world.

And you don’t ever have to agree with me–it’s not my damn to give if you do.

But I will not now nor ever turn my back on any ethnicity that comprises humanity. I want to see us ALL do and become better–African-Americans especially.

I am the melting pot, the dream, that America will never be. 

So this is the message that I want to leave you with:

Don’t take your frustration and anger out on the wrong people–that won’t help anything whatsoever. Alienating people and slamming the door of opportunity to engage and connect with someone who doesn’t look like you–especially in THIS moment–could prove to be detrimental. This is about strategy. If we can’t find common ground in our every day lives don’t look for it on a national level.

Rise above your pain, disappointment and anger. We need to keep our bridges and doors–our hearts and minds–open.

Go through your emotions and then CHECK YOUR EMOTIONS.

Figure out YOUR strategy for changing our world. Arm yourself with the knowledge, resources, network and vision to execute your strategy. And then go out into the world and disarm every person you encounter with a smile and push your agenda, goal or strategy forward.

Rest in peace to Mike Brown and all of others–including the most recent, Akai Gurley–like him. May your families be granted a peace beyond understanding and the vision and courage to ensure that your death’s are not in vain. May the African-American community be shook enough to tap into their unlimited potential and power. May the world be moved to turn their heads, eyes and ears to the injustices here and may we be granted the clarity to recognize the importance of fusing our privilege to fight against injustices everywhere.

God bless Amer–oh wait, we’re taking God, a sense of spirituality in general, out of everything right?

In that case, good luck and may the force be with you.

– Sincerely Syreeta

P.s. Man forget that, GOD BLESS AMERICA. Seems like we could use it…even if you may be someone who doesn’t believe in a higher power. Can’t hurt at this point, eh?

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