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There has apparently been drama in the music world (see Google about the Drake and Diddy altercation rumors). From the outside you never really understand the politics, I just know there’s still good music floating through the antics. So here we go!

  1. I hope you caught the Jaden Smith song from the last post. Just to pay homage to the younger generation of the Smith clan, here’s the latest from baby sis, Willow Smith. 9 is from the EP 3. I can say her direction has shifted and I am certainly intrigued by the new sound!
  2. I don’t know for sure how popular this next group is, but I have definitely jammed to several Audio Push club hits. This new track, Quick Fast, has more of a mellow ratchet vibe to it. You know what I mean? Wale is the feature if that helps your imagination.
    Audio Push – Quick Fast
  3. When I first heard music from The Neighbourhood, the sound was more indie rock. This new track, When I Get Back, features rapper G-Eazy and definitely leans more on the Hip Hop spectrum.
  4. Tinashe was a random addition to the radio line up. Her cartoon voice-over roots made her transition something to think about. Nevertheless, her last single did well and then she started releasing more, including Pretend, featuring A$AP Rocky. How long will she hold on? Or will she fade like so many before her?
  5. Here’s a beautiful song I actually jacked when Philly artist, Troi Lauren, covered it at my open mic event. Ever heard of Tori Kelly? Well, check out her song Confetti.
  6. I figure if I am going to steal a cover from Troi Lauren, I can’t not post some music from the local Philly indie artist/dancer/model. Here’s an original you should enjoy, All I Know, featuring 5Ive. May I also just let you know it was produced by previous #g33kinList highlight Lync.
  7. As brought to my attention by the my bro, the recent J. Cole album, 2014 Forest Hill Drive, was a quality one. It’s definitely worth the money. Click the photo to take a listen. ForestHillsDrive-cvr

Like any of the tracks you heard? Hit me up on Twitter (@Dj_G33k) or Instagram (@DJG33k_who) and let me know which ones you’re feeling. You know the question: We G33kin’ or Nah?

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