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“There comes a time in life where you decide what you’re willing to sacrifice and give your energy to. I’ve watched my website, my heart and my words touch people…and it removes any fear that could possibly exist.” – Me, June 14th, 2013 (#SupportSS “Go Fund Me” Campaign)

My initial goal for the 2013 crowd-funding campaign was to raise money to further the evolution of the Sincerely Syreeta Media & Lifestyle brand by revamping After the success of the campaign, I spent December 2013 outlining my mission for 2014, which was rather simple: use the new year to deliver on the campaign promises I made. By that point, the website revamp was underway and a custom logo was being designed. Things were moving forward, albeit a struggle sometimes, but forward nonetheless. Once the new year arrived, I walked in with three goals for the brand and new business:

  1. Improve the Infrastructure- Legalize Sincerely Syreeta [DBA, business license, etc.], develop staff support, acquire in-house equipment and complete website revamp.
  2. Monetize the Brand- Continue freelancing while leveraging current profitable opportunities and developing future ones via strategic relationships with established local brands. Build Sincerely Syreeta & Co. clientele.
  3. Expand the Reach- Generate increased brand exposure via blogging, social media presence, content sharing, higher quality content, branded and sponsored events, and media personality appearances on broadcast platforms.

The first goal was roughly completed within two months. While the staff support and in-house equipment were still being strategically planned, all others were squared away. It wouldn’t be until later that year when the staff support really came into play thanks to the launch of Sincerely Chosen: The Live Interview Series. From that point on, the executive leadership team was fully developed, we built an event production team and brought on three production partners who handled photography and videography for the series. So did we get the in-house equipment? Hell no, the budget just wouldn’t allow for it, but we used our resources and strategy and found a way to fulfill the goal via a new means to our end. And by the close of the year, we started the interview process for our first round of interns and contributors.

The second goal was clear enough: monetize the blog and brand. While it was a blessing to have such a successful crowd-funding campaign, the money didn’t last forever! It was done solely as a way of getting things off the ground and it thoroughly served that purpose. But the honest truth is: anybody can have a brand but everybody’s brand can’t produce and sustain business (aka turn a profit). I was (and am) in this for the long haul so my intent with this goal was to create multiple streams of income and focus my attention on growing my clientele. Thankfully, I was able to build those streams of income and provide well over 30 clients with services and consultations.

The third and last goal really captured the “theme” for 2014. My personal mantra was: “2014: Spread Your Wings!” And THAT I did via expansion of the SS brand awareness through strategic relationships and opportunities.

Check out a few of the highlights from this goal below and scroll all the way to the bottom to check out this year’s mantra and my closing message. 😉


Sincerely Syreeta Logo



Philadelphia Wine Mixer

On February 7th, Live In The Moment (LITM) Marketing Group filled the floors of the African-American Museum of Philadelphia yet again with people from Philadelphia and beyond to celebrate Philly’s artists, tastemakers and cultural influencers. Attendees were able to take in some live music, wine, art, and even do a little shopping thanks to the local vendors that were featured. I had the pleasure of hosting for the second year in a row and I can only imagine what 2015 holds for the LITM family. Congrats on a great year, lovelies; it was a pleasure to work with you!

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SS Events & Programming: Sincerely Chosen: The Live Interview Series | SS & Co. Launch Party | SS Tweet Up

There was a time when I didn’t believe it possible to produce a monthly event. Boy have things changed! Thanks to an awesome team, we managed to accomplish that and SO much more starting with the SS Tweet Up in February, followed by the Sincerely Syreeta & Co. launch party in March and then the launch of Sincerely Chosen: The Live Interview Series in June! Are you ready for the next Sincerely Chosen show? Mark your calendars for January 15th, 7-9:00pm at Relish restaurant. See you soon! 🙂

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Power Brunch LA Presented by Cadillac & District Drive

In March, I was thrilled to come on board as a sponsor for the red carpet launch of the #PowerBrunchLA Presented By Cadillac and powered by the one and only Miss Dunnie O. Held at the Maggiano’s Little Italy at The Grove LA, the event was highly successful and a true reflection of Miss Dunnie O’s talent for event production, branding and marketing. Check out the recap video:

The Cupcake Society’s 1st Annual Girl Code

There were so many “highs” in 2014 and the Girl Code event was certainly one of them! The idea behind this event was to create a strong foundation for girl empowerment and to support healthy development by providing information and resources teenage girls need to succeed. Presented in an interactive format, Girl Code covered relevant topics from health & fitness to being a girl of purpose. I was honored to be a eatured speaker and empower our young ladies through my personal journey. Thank you for having me, Cupcakes! If you are interested in being a part of Girl Code, please email Taniah English | Click here to check out full gallery.
Photo Credit: Jasmine Alston Photography.

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2nd Annual Women in Media Conference


R to L: Desiree Peterkin-Bell (City of Philadelphia), Haniyyah Sharpe (WIM Co-founder), Danielle P. Jeter (WIM Co-founder), Dyana Williams (WIM Philly 2014 Arete of Media Honoree) and SS (WIM Co-founder)!

In September WIM (Women in Media) Philly hosted our 2nd Annual Women in Media Conference at Impact Hub Philly. It was a great success and exceeded our goals of taking the conference to a new level. Check out this snippet below and click here to check out the full gallery from the conference.

Be sure to stay tuned for #WIMPilly2015 by heading over to Facebook and liking the WIM Philly  page! Click here to check out the full gallery from the conference.

Unleash the Beast

It was truly an honor to serve as a media partner for such an empowering art series! Stay tuned for more developments concerning the UTB brand!

Unleash the Beast Art Series, the brain child of Kriss Mincey (a vocal artist and Philly transplant), was a “3-part art series about becoming who you are as a young Artrepreneur in Philadelphia”that took place in October 2014. The running mission of UTB  is to “make the experience of self-realization into something you can see and touch”…because becoming who you are “isn’t an isolated experience; it’s a human one.”

Stay tuned for more developments concerning the UTB brand! Freelance work & the 2014 Family Dollar Fabulous! Event

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I am a staunch believer in looking fabulous on a budget and Family Dollar has helped to make this possible more times than I can count! So when Melanie Yvette, former Associate Beauty & Style Editor for, invited me to work the event as an official #BeautifullyBrown girl, I hopped on a bus and made my way to New York in the blink of an eye! We had a truly “FABULOUS!” time in what felt like a “girl’s day out” kind of atmosphere complete with beauty, fashion, entertainment, drinks, gift bags and food! Check out Mel’s recap below and follow the Beautifully Brown hashtag for new developments with her brand!

Oh, and click here and here to check out all of my freelance work for!

Up Close Live


This was by far one of the best partnerships that I had the pleasure of building in 2014. Working with Pier Entertainment on the first installment of the Up Close Live Series was an amazing experience–one which pushed me to further spread my wings by committing to a weekly live interview segment as the official media partner. Every week brought out different genre’s of artists, crowds, and energy; I was extremely humbled to be able to engage with so many people, and their stories, in such a short time span. I’m happy to report that #UpCloseLive will be returning in the first quarter of this year so be prepared to attend; I’ll see you there! 😉

Forbes Under 30 Summit

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Being recognized as one of Philadelphia’s most “brightest and youngest game changers” via an invitation to assist with planning the 2014 inaugural Forbes#Under30Summit was one humbling moment for sure!  In addition to assisting with the coordination of the Social Entrepreneurship Bus Tour to some of Philly’s most innovative corridors and businesses, I also had the honor of hosting the #N3RDSt visit, which focused on Philly’s technology corridor. While there, I spoke about how our city is positioned to both fuel and lead global change, and introduced one of N3rd Street’s shining tech businesses, Jarvus Innovations. Forbes recently announced that Philadelphia will officially serve as the home for their Under 30 Summit. I guess they must have listened to me, huh? Haha! 😉

30 Under 30: Philadelphia’s Most Inspiring Women

#30under30phlI along with 29 other phenomenal women were declared Philadelphia’s 30 Most Inspiring Women by Femme & Fortune Magazine. Curated by Femme & Fortune founder, Melissa Alam, in partnership with Alexander Kacala, #30Under30PHL highlighted “fearless and fabulous femme’s” in anticipation of the Forbes Under 30 Summit. Some of my fellow “leading ladies” include Takia McClendon, Dessie JacksonAlyssa Ramos, Haniyyah Sharpe-BrownMeicen Sun and Leah Kauffman. Check out each of their interviews to get a glimpse of how a Femme & Fortune kind-of-woman views the world and her place in it.  It’s an honor to among such awesome women.

PA Society Annual Retreat & Dinner

If you would have told me at the start of 2014 that THIS is how the end of would come to a close, I would have asked every question from “how?” to “whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Haha!

The "Women of Destiny"at the annual PA Society Women of Destiny Networking Event.

The “Women of Destiny”at the annual PA Society Women of Destiny Networking Event.

I can honestly say that every single thing that happened in 2014, all of the highs and the low (and man were there some heart-wrenching lows), prepared me for this opportunity. For those who may be unfamiliar with The Pennsylvania Society, it is essentially a weekend retreat–which includes the annual Holiday Dinner–for Pennsylvania’s prominent business leaders and politicians. The PA Society is a non-profit organization and is not “affiliated with any particular political party, business or profession.”  For more than a century, The PA Society’s purpose is to “honor achievement, to reward excellence, to promote good will and understanding and to celebrate service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to humanity in general.”

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For the young woman who happened to secure admittance to the retreat and dinner by way of the Women of Destiny fellowship program, this was the opportunity of a lifetime. And  there was no way in hell I was about to waste a minute of my time there. I worked my ass off observing, listening, questioning and of course networking. My mission there was simple: understand the scene, make connections, raise awareness about Sincerely Syreeta & Co., represent for the millennial’s and entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, and leave my mark. Check. Mate.

Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune. Click the photo to read the article.

Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune. Click the photo to read the article.

2014, Spread Your Wings? Oh honey, I flew.

Now there were far more events, opportunities and collaborations that took place but I simply couldn’t it them all into this post! I’m grateful for every brand, business, organization and individual that I had the opportunity to build with in 2014. I look forward to everything that 2015 has in store for us and I THANK YOU ALL for continuing on this journey with me. Think we need to collaborate, partner or build a mutually beneficial business arrangement? Let’s chat. Contact me via e-mail at

2015, it’s time to REALLY live these dreams.

“I made a resolve then that I was going to amount to something if I could. And no hours, nor amount of labor, nor amount of money would deter me from giving the best that there was in me. And I have done that ever since, and I win by it. I know.” —Harland Sanders


– Sincerely Syreeta 😉

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