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“But you’re human…”

As you go about your day and the remainder of your week, keep this in mind. You’re not perfect, you’re very flawed–and yet those are not to be used as excuses. They are simply truths–boundaries–for you to respect life, others and most importantly yourself.

You have dreams, you have goals, you have so much to do! But you’re human.

You’re not doing what you want to do, you’re not being who you want to be! But you’re human.

You think you have it all–that you’re a god and everyday people are your foot stools. But you’re human.

You’ve amassed a lot of success, you’ve been good to every one you know and so bad things aren’t supposed to happen to good people! But you’re human.


This is just a public service reminder from Captain Obvious. Haha!

Have a good day loves and remember…you’re human and the people you love are too. We’re just human…there’s no perfection to be found here.

That was the greatest lie ever told.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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