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art / Breaking / Carousel / Perspective / February 13, 2015

“I wonder how many people I have looked at all my life and never seen.” – John Steinbeck

When I was young, my grandparents would often take me out to public places to sit on a bench and “people watch”. I would sit there feeling embarrassed, uninterested, and hoping none of my friends would see me. Now, years after being in the city as an adult, I have discovered the animation and joy in simply observing the people around you. Take a second to think about the many people, especially in the city, you pass or come across every day, without intentionally people watching.

I realized I must pass hundreds of people a day sometimes, and stare straight ahead as if they were props on the street. But in school, in the workplace, don’t many of us do the same? Every single one of the people you pass on the street once, or in the hallway everyday, has a story, has lost something, has something to teach you.

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Take a moment each day to appreciate all of the life around you.

– #SSTeam: Krissy Sheehan

Photo credit: Krissy Sheehan

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