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  1. I am just going to start off with my most recent breath of fresh air,  Kriss Mincey.  She is currently tearing through the Philly music scene, popping up on a stage near you and leaving everything for you to digest. Follow her along with me as we wait for her upcoming official projects, as well as the nearest stage where you can catch her live! In the mean time, check out her original, Otherwise, from a Wired 96.5 session.

  2. IG Pick: Recommeded by male vocal artist and military man @RicoTheSinger, here’s Gwen Bunn, all the way from Georgia.

  3. IG Pick: Recommended by the Philly little blue box master herself, @JacqConMusic88. Her recommendation is Quadron, the Danish duo with a unique sound. Check out their track, Better Off, featuring the Kendrick Lamar.

  4. IG Pick: Recommended by the most recent #G33kedUp artist of the month, @TroiLaurenCamille Safiya released her most recent project this past January. Check out 24k. She suggest the track Amnesia to be specific.


  5. IG Pick: Recommended by @MsJoy2_U, say hello to Philly native Joie Kathos. I been following her for a while, just haven’t caught up to her live yet. Here’s here latest, No Streets Peace.

  6. It’s something about these keys. I met Larry Lambert quite randomly while wrapping up a recent show in Philly. The show was over, but he hopped on stage and, accompanied by the vocals of Noel Scales, gave an impromptu performance. Here’s a sample of the young man’s work. You should probably just get his project, The Larry Lambert Project, off iTunes.

  7. While we are there, let me give you a sample of Noel Scales. She just put out a new track a couple months ago, Excuses.
  8. In mainstream news, Jamie Foxx is back in the air waves. Hot off the press is his sample of the classic P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson. Moreover, it was produced by DJ Mustard.

  9. This last one is just some fun for us all. Ed Sheeran covers the most random thing he could possibly cover…OT Genasis – In Love With the Coco.

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