Dear Spring, Where Are You?

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Is it just us or has the weather been a little dreary here on the east coast as of late? It’s been hard enough to keep up with the ever-changing weather forecast (no really, the time it takes to get dressed seems longer now because so much more consideration has to be given) and now we’re officially in Spring…but it just doesn’t feel like it yet. Nonetheless, we’re still excited about it and the recent PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, presented by the Philadelphia Horticulture Society, has given us plenty to hold ourselves over until mother nature finally decides to let Spring prance free. As the world’s longest-running indoor flower show, PHS has done a fabulous job of always providing inspiration and beauty right before for the new season arrives.

Hopefully the gallery below will add a little bit of color and light to your day! And for future reference, if you ever want to get a “taste of Spring” year ’round or simply exercise that green thumb of yours, be sure to check out the PHS membership program. Members get to enjoy, 12 months of programming and opportunities to explore the world of gardening and horticulture, in addition to tickets to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show, publications, discounts, invitations, and more!

Photos by Krissy Sheehan Photography

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