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The latest gems have arrived!

  1. I am a sucker for some soulful rap with live band accompaniment. In other words, I think I like this new track by Bardo. Hailing from Chi-town, this fairly new artist presents a dope visual in his video for Do Them Thangs.

  2. Wale always delivers me something different. I am anticipating his new project. This next one is a personal ratchet favorite; this might even have to be my birthday theme song. This is what happens when you put Kanye West with  Wale & Ty Dolla $ign. This summer hit is perfectly titled  The Summer League.

  3. PJ comes from LA with a soulful sound. Her track Nickels & Dimes, off her project Walking Around Pools, was released earlier this month.
  4. In 2012, this 20-year-old rapper came on the scene. Tink is currently working with Timbaland and dropping bars on his ever classic sound. Check out the new track Ratchet Commandments.

  5. To round us out, let me bring to you the new release from Janelle Monae. She is making moves as of late and her team, Wondaland, is looking sharp. We #g33kin or nah for Yoga featuring Jidenna?


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