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When it comes to decorating and cooking, citrus fruits are like your little black dress: always appropriate, always in fashion, and always a good choice.


Not only are they beautiful, but lemons, limes and all types of citrus can also be utilized in so many ways. They look good, they taste good, they smell good, and they are good for you –  need I say more?

Citrus is an inexpensive and easy DIY spring center piece for your home or any special occasion. It’s becoming increasingly more fashionable, especially in weddings, because it represents a simple and natural beauty, it is easy to work with…and it’s cheap!

A perfect way to make your home look and smell good (and get you in the spring spirit) is to use a mix of citrus and simple greenery for a centerpiece. Greenery can be purchased at your local grocery store or florist, and is usually less expensive than flowers. We made a modern centerpiece here without a vase. We laid the greenery down and put fresh lemons, limes, and pink grapefruit on top. It took the same amount of time to make as it did to read that, and the outcome is beautiful. If you’re having guest over cut some of the citrus in half, and they will make the room smell fresh and sweet. If you have children or want something that is easy to relocate, put lemons or limes, whole or sliced, in a vase with greenery or simple white flowers.

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Other uses for citrus fruits:

  • Use them to cook sweet or savory meals
  • Start your day with warm water and lemon; lemon flushes out toxins and boosts overall health
  • Use the lemons to whiten your teeth
  • Grapefruit to boost your metabolism
  • Limes for margaritas
  • Simply dry them out and preserve their fresh scent

Citrus has endless possibilities and uses, but our favorite way to use it right now is to decorate!

If you use any citrus fruits for your spring centerpieces, a special occasion, or just because – post a picture and show the SS Team!

Happy Spring!

– SS Team: Krissy Sheehan

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