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When thinking of April or Spring, the notions of “love birds” strolling through parks, and new relationships blooming like the colorful flowers around come to mind. But, what about that couple who has fallen in to ruts of routine and may not even necessarily enjoy each other’s company?

These are the couples whose love has already blossomed,  moved into winter and lost the enchanting vibe it once had.

Some people crave a committed relationship where they can find security and get comfortable with their partner, however, if you’re in a relationship that has reached it’s comfortable state, you may have caught yourself thinking back more than once on the glorious “Honeymoon phase” that once was.  In the honeymoon phase you go out of your way to impress, and make each other happy. And while it is a good thing to feel comfortable with one another, the charm of the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to be a memory it does require effort from both parties to appreciate each other and keep the relationship fun.

After speaking with couples in long term relationships, we have compiled some easy ways for you to ignite that spark with the one you love, and thankfully, these are very easy to do.

  1. Surprise each other – This can be done with anything. Prime examples: flowers delivered to your loves work, stopping by their favorite bakery on the way home, having dinner made when they get home, getting groceries for dinner, or even a weekend getaway/staycation.
  2. Plan a date night just because – You’re both busy, but could both use a fun night. A date night doesn’t have to include a lot of prep, or a lot of money. LeaveSpringLove1
    them a note when they get home, telling them tonight is pizza and movie night. Or consider telling your partner to not make plans on a Saturday; when the day comes, take a walk together, enjoy the spring weather and find a new restaurant that has outdoor seating. You can even pick up hoagies and take a blanket to a park for a picnic. The key is to be spontaneous.
  3. Do something you know your partner wants to do – See a chick flick, go to a wrestling tournament or watch a boxing match together. The joy this will bring will last a while, I promise. It’s the little things, remember?
  4. Don’t win the argument – You don’t always have to be right. You were so nice to each other in the beginning, and now you come home and take your day out on your partner, forgetting they are on your side. Does it really matter who does the dishes and if they sit there a while longer? Maybe you can do the dishes together and talk about your day? When it comes to the home front, work to make it a team project.
  5. Let them hang with their friends and continue things they did before they met you – Even if you have been together for five years they are still their own person and had a life before they met you. The goal is to refrain from causing them to have a life after you (unless you pass and even then, some of you still wouldn’t want your partner to have a life after you, we know! Haha!). That’s what makes them interesting! Not everything the both of you do has to be together. Give yourselves space so that you’ll have something to come back and share that is outside of the world you two constantly share.
  6. Be interested in what they have to say – Remember when you would listen to her long story about her presentation at work, or his long stories about that time he took that road trip. Yeah, still do that. Actively listen to what they are saying and please, no one to four word responses. Really engage them.
  7. Don’t treat them like they are in your life to assist you – You guys are equal partners. Even if one of you has more of caretaker personality, you are there to help one another, not have someone sacrifice their life to take care of you. And if your lover has more of a caretaker personality, consider it your duty to make sure you take extra care of them because chances are, they don’t take enough care of themselves. Be what they need even when they don’t realize  it.
  8. Have fun! – In the beginning you are always planning dates and trips, or maybe you never made it out of the bed (wink wink). Now the only thing that keeps you from peeling yourself from the bed is a netflix binge. That’s okay, but try something that you haven’t done together (in or out of the bedroom). Go indoor rock climbing, take a cooking class, find something that looks fun to do together! Groupon has a ton of stuff that is inexpensive for you and your honey to enjoy.

Whatever you do, just remember that it’s spring time and there’s no reason why you two can’t be the Love Birds that make it all the more beautiful.

– SS Team: Krissy Sheehan


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