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Breaking / Carousel / S.S. Poetry / Sincere Dose / June 12, 2015

I don’t want much–just my due territory to grow. I don’t want what they’re handing out, I tell you, they have no clue how much I know. The only thing I’ve ever asked is to not hold me back from my dreams when I’m ready to go. I’ve given my all. I’ve lost it all. I gained it back and then took a fall. I don’t have a normal. This is all a step in the dance of life. I’m learning not to live with expectations but to instead live with all of my might.

11390324_10103309359389133_3082687266477690373_nI’m hungry.

I’m starving.

My appetite hasn’t been satiated as of yet so my determination borders gnarly. But when you’ve lived in a “cage”, you’ll fight for your freedom. I dreamed of these days…so I shed tears, blood and anything to build my kingdom.



You look for gold and I create treasures. You look for results and I give something to measure.

And I’m not the arrogant or cocky type, I’m the, “I put my mind to it so we’re going to get this right” type. The fight instead of flight type. The cry at night and raise up in the morning a warrior type. The “you don’t know me but you will when it’s willed” type.



Bright light. Dimming light. Holding on by the chinny chin chin light. Give a damn about the limelight: just looking to illuminate the real journey of life light. Get knocked down jump back up again light. Back against the wall, face set, knuckle skin tight, light.

I’m just freestyling and going…you just keep plowing and mowing…cut your fears down and turn your faith up.

I’ll see you at the top, love, because we don’t ever give up.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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