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We’re already three weeks into The Soundcheck Series and the artists have been bringing us nothing but great music and good vibes! Check out the “behind the music” interview featuring artist, Domi Jo and her mentor Jarrett Payne of Monkey Food Music Group. Domi Jo will hit the Soundcheck stage at Pub Webb Live on June 16th and, just like last week, you can catch me there hosting and interviewing.
Let’s go behind the music to get a glimpse of the journey of Domi Jo….

Mentor Q & A: Jarrett Payne of Monkey Food Music Group

About Jarrett Payne: A young emerging entrepreneur, Jarrett Payne (Also known as JP)  has found his niche in the music industry. With a Marketing degree from Temple University and an MBA from Eastern University, it was only a matter of time before JP would marry his love for music with his acquired business knowledge. In 2011, the MonkeyFood Music Group was born. Through this medium, the careers of HipHop artist/producer Chase Allen and singer/songwriter Domi Jo are continuing to blossom. While not a household name as of yet, the MonkeyFood Music Group is a lifestyle music group that encompasses management, public relations, events, promotions, and overall conscious creativity. JP has built his business from the self-derived theory that, "What's not given, TAKE... What's not made, CREATE!"

unnamed1) How did you first meet Domi Jo and what was your first impression?

I first met Domi Jo through her music. While at a studio session for my other artist Chase Allen, a friend of mine (producer/engineer) said, “Yo JP, you need to check out this artist I am working with, she is the one!” Approxiamtely 30 seconds into the record I was a fan.

2) What makes Domi Jo different in today’s music market?

As an emerging artist, Domi Jo understands the necessity for balance. She encompasses a balance of talent and artistry while “overstanding” the difference between the two. She is indeed a true artist!

3) What is your most memorable Domi Jo moment?

Since working together, we continue to create memorable moments. But most memorable to date, would be my first time seeing her perform live in New York. I was already a believer based on her studio efforts but her stage presence and demand of the audience was electrifying. I still go back and watch that performance religously.

4) In a perfect world, where should Domi Jo be in 5 years?

Even in an imperfect world, within 5 years time, the world will know Domi Jo. I will do any and everything possible to see to that.

Artist Q & A: Domi Jo

About Domi Jo: With a live performance that is sure to pull you in and make you a believer, Domi Jo has been featured in several publications, received many standing ovations, and has had numerous appearances on cable television; including two weeks on New York’s World Famous Apollo Theatre. Set apart by her versatility of Classic Soul, Pop, Jazz, Dance, Hip Hop, and R&B, Domi Jo draws her inspiration from Prince,Chaka Khan, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, and Whitney Houston. Spreading her “Wings of Love” with no other purpose than to share her musical soul, Domi Jo realizes that making music for the world to survive off of is her ultimate destiny.

1) What makes a great artist mentor?unnamed

A great mentor is someone who truly believes in you and pushes you to be greater.  A great mentor is someone you can build with and learn from. They see your flaws and check you when you fall short. Yet, they will uplift you in your darkest hour because they are well aware of your finer qualities.

2) What is the best advice your mentor(s) has given you?

“Life goes on…” and “What’s not given, TAKE! and What’s not made, CREATE!”

3) What is the greatest success your mentor has helped you achieve?

Everything I’ve accomplished thus far in Philadelphia.

4) In what area(s) has your mentor helped you grow the most?

My mentor has helped me grow mainly as a business woman. I’m still learning.

5) What advice would you give to an artist seeking career guidance?

Live first. Write later. Your music is your testimony so make sure you deliver with truth, because you never know what heart you will minister to when writing or performing that song. Make sure you surround yourself with positive energy.


About The Soundcheck Series: This event is an unforgettable concert experience and one-of-a-kind industry event presented by Pier Entertainment. The series highlights eight dynamic artists over eight weeks, and showcases a multi-genre collection of young, buzzworthy acts. Each exciting installment features prominent music professionals, ranging from label execs to songwriters and media personalities, all of whom have etched their marks on Philadelphia’s brilliant music legacy. Hosted at one of Philadelphia’s newest concert venues—Pub Webb Live—the intimate music event provides a unique opportunity for media, fans and insiders to discover the area’s best talent in an electrifying atmosphere charged by great energy, professional production and state-of-the-art sound.

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