An open letter to Raven-Symoné

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Dear Raven-Symoné,

There’s no doubt that so many stones have been thrown at you that you could build a mansion. My hope is that this letter serves as a door.

I am African-American, and yes, I recognize that you no longer identify as African-American. So I want to make it clear: if at any point I refer to you as my “sister” in this letter, it is simply to acknowledge that you are a fellow woman, and a woman of color especially. I’ve observed that people have attempted to “read” your life like a book without ever having flipped through your pages.

Growing up with you on TV doesn’t mean I know you.

Being a fellow woman of color doesn’t mean I know you.

Being a fellow millennial doesn’t mean I know you.

I’ve listened to what you’ve said about your label preferencesghetto names and the Spring Valley incident. I’ve read and heard opinions from others about your words and I feel some were missing a little perspective. I speak to you now about these things not necessarily to defend you, because I’m a 27-year-old grown a** woman and the only time I would ever let someone else speak for meis in a courtroom. So I won’t dare, nor will I attempt to, offer the following viewpoints for you as such.

I’m just a sister whose been watching the journey of another and remaining relatively silent — until now.

Read the full letter here.

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