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With Season 2 of the Sincerely Chosen show just around the corner, it’s only right to share the stories of some of the awesome sponsors who helped to make our first season a great one. I truly hope you take something valuable from their journey’s and, if you’re inspired to, consider supporting them.

Up next is Rashaad Lambert, a serial entrepreneur and wise guy (you’ll see why).

Stay tuned for the next featured season one sponsor…


Sincerely Syreeta: Who are you? Tell the SS readers a little about yourself.

Rashaad Lambert: My name is Rashaad Lambert. I’m most widely RashaadLambert_2known for my roles as Kevin in “Home Alone: Lost In New York” and Cory Matthews in “Boy Meets World.” I own Sporty Marketing, TL Marketing Solutions, Cerebellum H2O as well as a few other companies where I hold minority or minimal stake. Basically, I’m in the business of owning things. I also have a large Lego collection… own that too.

SS: Haha, your sense of humor always keeps me on my toes. How’d you become a serial entrepreneur?

RL: I started my first business when I was in high school. I was a rapper and instead of selling drugs, because that’s too easy, I used to sell candy, chips & t-shirts. For those who aren’t familiar, the most popular things in high school in the early 2000s were: Now & Laters, oversized white t-shirts, & Rap Snacks Chips. James Lindsay (Owner of Rap Snacks) gave me a line, that’s slang for discount; I used to buy t-shirts by the case; and I would get the candy wholesale from the security guard in the back of a BJ’s in Springfield, PA. Long story short, my manager at the time was stealing money from my group and we had to break up. I quit rapping, went to college, and started throwing parties, concerts, and tattoo competitions. I transitioned from promotions into marketing and haven’t looked back since. The rest isn’t history because I’m still writing it so let’s just say the rest is in “sweeps week” & the mailers haven’t come in yet. *crosses fingers I don’t get canceled*

SS: What has the entrepreneurial journey been like for you?

RL: It’s been like riding a horse with no saddle. You know that the closer you get to your goal the easier it is to bear the bumps in the road but when you first get on, you have no idea what to expect. I take it all in stride because I know that the reward is worth the turmoil. My journey has been a constant learning experience. I am a lifelong student, without the loans, and I intend to stay that way for the duration. My mental mentors taught me that knowing what you’re doing is never an absolute because there is new information every second. Warren Buffet says that he reads about his business industry for 6 hours a day. I had to discipline myself to get up to 2 hours a day–which is still a struggle–with my family, my love life and balancing my personal sanity. I’ve had a family as long as I’ve had a business so the upside of that is I learned balance from the beginning. The more one side of the scale tips, the more balance you need.

SS: What is one challenge that you have faced and how have worked to overcome it?RashaadLambert_3

RL: Balance [laughs]. That has been my biggest challenge. I’ve worked in management since my first job so being in charge, [especially] of people 2 and 3 times my age, was never an issue. The balance came natural, but maintaining the balance is the challenge. I snap back to reality when I stop and ask myself “Which of these at this moment in time is most important?” The answer to that question is rarely ever “work”.

SS: What does success mean to you and what are some signs that your business is on the road to success?

RL: The one thing I learned about being an entrepreneur is this: “nobody cares, work harder”. I have a fairly sizable set of accomplishments so far and what I notice is that my past accomplishments have never had a bearing on any of my future accomplishments. This isn’t really even a complicated concept, it’s simply that people don’t care about your accolades or even your complaints for that matter. People and progress are driven by action and results. If you win a Grammy, that doesn’t mean your next album is going to go platinum. Your failure and your success are both in your hands and the daily choice that you have, that we all have, is whether you are going to use your 24 hours to get you to the next level or whether you’re going just coast your way back to another dream.

SS: How has your vision and plan for the business changed or evolved since its inception?

RashaadLambert_1RL: Vision must be followed by venture. My vision changes daily because my goals change daily. I now know that the thing I ultimately want to do is not as easy as I thought it would be so that has redirected future plans that I made previously. My business plan grows organically as I do. Expansion is one plan that hasn’t changed. One perception I have of success is to not have to work hard so in keeping with that, another goal that hasn’t changed is the continuous duplication of my efforts.

SS: Preach. And what about you? How has your business journey shaped you as a person?

RL: I’m more patient with people now. I used to have a “switch” and not a “dimmer” if you know what I mean, but now I have no choice but to listen more than I speak and listen intently with no response prepared. That’s an acquired skill because our natural human reaction is to jump to a conclusion or stop listening halfway through and offer a response. I’m also more aware of my socio-political impact as a person in this country. The things that I do through my business and decisions that I make directly affect those who work for me as well as other business I work in tandem with. I must be more cognizant and careful now than when my decisions only affected me.

SS: “To whom much is given…” So why did you decide to come on board as a sponsor for #SincerelyChosen? I mean of course I appreciate it, but why?

RL: You have such a genuine spirit and are so sincere in your purpose driven life that I never hesitate to support anything that you do. You called me with a need and without a 2nd thought I rose to the occasion to help out.  

SS: Gotta love the network! Haha! I appreciate your belief in my work and authenticity. What’s your key to “Sincerely Lovin’” life? (A motto or mantra that you live by.)

RL: Have you ever heard of the kiwi bird? It’s that same bird that’s on the shoe wax container. It comes from New Zealand and is a very small bird that has a long beak. This poor bird has wings, but cannot fly. Picture this tiny bird running toward a California fire. Remember, it can’t fly, and it can’t see above the blades of grass. The kiwi will find out about the fire when it gets in it, burns up and dies. That’s a sad story, so let’s change it a bit…

The kiwi is running toward the California fire. It can’t see above the blades of grass but there is an eagle 200 feet above. The eagle sees the kiwi and shouts, “Kiwi! Kiwi! Stop! Stop! There’s a fire ahead!” The kiwi stops and the eagle saves the kiwi’s life. Why? A different point of view; a different perspective. It is important that you begin to see the eagle view in everything you do. When you rise to the perspective of an eagle, you will begin to see new truths about your future.

SS: You better teach ’em sensei. Tell us how can we support your work.

RL: The best way to support me/us is to attend [our] events, share the information with others… and plant a tree. Yes, go plant a tree. Trust me, in 50 years when you’re still able to breath without a helmet, you’ll thank me. 

For more information on events and services email


If you would like to support Sincerely Chosen and its mission for the 2016 season via sponsorship, email:

– Sincerely Syreeta

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