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With Season 2 of the Sincerely Chosen show just around the corner, it’s only right to share the stories of some of the awesome sponsors who helped to make our first season a great one. I truly hope you take something valuable from their journey’s and, if you’re inspired to, consider supporting them.

Up next is Cari Young, owner of Remedy Spa & Wellness.

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Remedy_5Sincerely Syreeta: Who are you? Tell the SS readers a little about yourself.

Cari Young: I am a graduate of West Chester University, B.S in Psychology and Biology. I’ve always been fascinated [with] the body, how it functions and how it heals.  During my pursuit of a Masters in Medicine to become a Physician Assistant, I was bit by the entrepreneur bug and decided to just go for it.  I love natural remedies and working with top dermatologist Susan Taylor M.D. as her lead esthetician has allowed me to stay connected with medicine, and fuse medicine with natural practices.  I’m constantly learning, you can find me in the bookstore or the pool when I’m not working. I love to cook and I’m a brand new auntie! 

SS: Congratulations! So tell us what Remedy Spa & Wellness is and when it was established?

CY: Remedy Spa & Wellness is a mobile spa, bringing all of your favorite spa services directly to the consumer.  In addition to in-home services and spa parties, we also offer corporate wellness options and athletic therapy.  The business was established 2 years ago, but we’ve just transitioned into the mobile market this past year.

SS: How did it come about? 

CY: I had a partner when Remedy was conceived.  We were working at a local spa and we were so passionate about helping and healing people.  When we realized passion wasn’t the driving force, as with most long standing businesses, we decided to give it a try on our own.  I decided to call it Remedy because we wanted our spa to be results driven. The most important thing was giving an amazing experience and actually improving clients’ concerns.  It happened so fast, almost overnight, the partnership wasn’t ready for the sacrifice and work it took to stay afloat. We eventually closed the spa and went our separate ways.

SS: A business partnership is like a marriage. It takes a lot of work. So, overall, what has the journey as a business owner/entrepreneur been like thus far?

CY: So far this entrepreneurial journey has been the craziest ride of my life.  I’ve had some really high moments and my fair of lows, many times I’ve thought about quitting and getting a regular job… especially after transitioning into a sole proprietorship.  You doubt yourself, your capabilities. Life would be so much more predictable knowing whatRemedy_1 your getting paid and when, if you know what I mean.  Then there’s this thrill you get from building something from the ground up, making it through the hardships, and watching your dreams unfold…that makes it all worth it.

SS: I agree. What is one particular challenge that you have faced and how’d you work to overcome it?

CY: There are two. We live in a “fame age” where people will spend their last to look like these people on television. I’m not knocking the extensions, make-up, nails etc…. but what about your natural self before the enhancements? Do you love and nurture that person once all the extras are off? So once I realized my, “invest in you” messages were falling on deaf ears, I took a step back and changed my approach. I’m educating people and targeting my efforts to those that are ready to hear what I have to say. The mobile piece has been quite challenging as well, you know folks don’t like people in their house.  Once they experience remedy, that notion vanishes quickly.

SS: I know I enjoyed the experience. And I think I’m due for a facial, haha! How do you define success?

CY: Success to me is using my god given talents to help others and create a better life for me, myself, and my community.  That simple.  I’ve had “successful moments”, but they’ve just been accomplishing goals along the way. There’s always more to do at every level, so my goals get larger and larger.  Success isn’t a destination.

SS: How has your vision and plan for the business success changed or evolved since its inception?

CY: You have to be able to adapt as an entrepreneur. You are constantly getting curve balls thrown your way and you will either get hit or figure out a way to maneuver. That’s both the exciting part as well as the frustrating part. For me, after closing down the old spa, transitioning into a mobile was a horrible idea, but I had clients calling for appointments and no place to send them.  I lost a few but I had my loyal clients that really believed in me and my business, and rode the wave with me. I’m so grateful for them.  Once people get over that initial defense of having someone come out to them, they loved it.  Being mobile quickly changed from what I had to do to make it work, to what makes my business so unique. Thank you God!

Remedy_3SS: How has your journey as a business owner/entrepreneur shaped you as a person?

CY: It has sharpened skills I never knew I possessed.  Going into business you have your specific skills, but [you] don’t think about everything else that goes into running a business. I was the esthetician, the receptionist, the plumber, the janitor, the florist. I kept killing the poor flowers, but I had to wear so many hats to keep the engine running.  You have to be willing to dive into whatever it takes. I also learned how to accept no, and figure out ways to change no into yes.  You have to be creative and constantly work on improving yourself and the team around you.

SS: Why did you decide to come on board as a sponsor for #SincerelyChosen?

CY: I would read your #SincerelyChosen posts on social networks and I really support your movement. It may have been the Mother’s Day edition, after reading it I said, “I’ve have to be a part of this.”  These moms have overcome tremendous odds, let’s celebrate them and empower others. And a little Remedy never hurts.

SS: No it doesn’t and I’m so thankful you came on board! What’s your key to “Sincerely Lovin’” life? (A motto or mantra that you live by.)

CY: You receive what you put out into the universe–the negatives and the positives, and I’ve had enough negatives in the past, so it’s all great vibes from me.  You do the work and it will show, I have to remind myself of that, because it’s rarely immediate, but I’m a firm believer, everything comes back around as it should.

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– Sincerely Syreeta

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