Purpose over dreams: Three ways to live a fulfilled life in 2016

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I don’t know about you, but 2015 dealt me one hell of a hand.

There were definitely some new heights of hope and promise reached, but the greatest lessons and realizations came in valleys of challenge.

It was in those valleys that I, the determined entrepreneur and relentless dreamer, was reminded that while dreams are powerfully motivating, they can — and will — overwhelm you if you don’t maintain a healthy perspective. And by healthy perspective, I mean placing more of the focus on your purpose and not your dream.

Your dream is long term and requires an inconceivable amount of time, energy, resources and dedication to be fulfilled. You can consistently work at building your dreams for months and years, waking to a to-do list each day that never really seems to get any shorter (by the way: it never will). This may leave you feeling you don’t have enough help, support, favor, faith, resources, strength, etc. Eventually, that to-do list becomes a leash, dragging you in every which direction, with your dream always just a bit too far to grasp.

Cue the worry, stress, frustration, and self-doubt.

Your purpose, however, is lived daily and brings about feelings of worthiness, confidence, and assurance.


Are you more focused on your dreams than your purpose? Click here to check out the warning signs and find out!

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