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Style Rule No. 1: Never Break the Bank by Trying to Look Like What Your Lifestyle Ain’t

#SSontheScene at Unity in the Community's Women's History Month event, Her Story, featuring a keynote by film producer, Yandy Smith . SS is pictured in a BCBG #FrugalFashionFind from The Wardrobe Boutique.

#SSontheScene at Unity in the Community’s Women’s History Month event, Her Story, featuring a keynote by film producer, Yandy Smith . SS is pictured in a BCBG #FrugalFashionFind priced under $40 from The Wardrobe Boutique.

Let me first say my mother and English teachers would kill me for using “ain’t” buuuuuttt I was looking for rhyme so here we are!

Anywho, throughout my adult life as a single mother, I’ve had times where I was broke. I mean so broke that one day I woke up and realized that there was a term for my then quality of life predicament: POVERTY.

Despite the fact that my reality was that of a woman going to college full time, working part time jobs, and raising two kids on her own, I still had BIG dreams and I damn sure wanted to own my sense of style…even if my bank account laughed at the notion. The truth was: I never wanted to look like what I was going or had been through. Besides, those things didn’t matter anyways.

What mattered was where I was headed…where those dreams of mine were going to ultimately take me.

If there’s one thing that I learned from my fabulously stylish mother, it’s that you can find quality pieces at affordable prices, but you’ve got to be ready and willing to hunt for them. I’d search for staple pieces that I could play with and dress up or down. I didn’t care about name-brands, I cared about quality and whether it enhanced my style and presence. If it happened to be a name-brand that was in my budget (which I’m sure somewhere there was a 9 year-old kid making more bank than me off allowance), then great, but if not, I didn’t give a damn.

Thankfully, the rise of consignment shops and second-hand styling’s has made the hunt for #FrugalFashionFinds relatively easy which became a lifesaver as I began to build the Sincerely Syreeta brand and step in front of audiences and cameras.

#SSontheScene and ready to co-moderate UPPN presents the #BlackVotersMatter Mixer & Forum at the African American Museum of Philadelphia! Price of Dress: $12.50

#SSontheScene and ready to co-moderate UPPN presents the #BlackVotersMatter Mixer & Forum at the African American Museum of Philadelphia!
Price of Dress: $12.50

My brand-building led me to attend an event at The Wardrobe Boutique that was co-hosted by Karima Renee (now known as #ThePhillyBraLady)! After learning that every purchase made at the boutique benefits the Career Wardrobe, a non-profit that empowers women in transition by providing professional work attire, educational programs, and networking tools and opportunities, I was sold on returning.

That chance visit turned me into a repeat customer for years to come, often walking through their doors at 1822 Spring Garden St. in search of an ensemble or stylish pieces for an event or photo shoot. Always the one to want to spread the good #FrugalFashionFinds news, I blogged about the boutique and shared my purchases on social media. (Aspiring bloggers take note.)

Who would’ve known that this would all eventually lead to my becoming an official brand ambassador for The Wardrobe Boutique in February of 2016?

Can I just say I am seriously proud to be associated with such an empowering fashion entity? The SS brand is built on Empathizing, Empowering, and Evolving and that extends to the world of fashion too!

So what does my brand ambassadorship have to do with you?

I want to invite you to join me in the efforts to impact the lives of women in Philadelphia for the better…women whom I share similar life experiences with, and who have big dreams and want to look the stylish and professional part during that potentially life changing interview or networking opportunity. And thanks to TWB’s Prom Boutique, you can impact the lives of young women who–during this prom season–will find the perfect dress for a priceless memory.

First, the Boutique is offering 50% off Winter items, plus the Spring inventory has arrived, so with every purchase that you make the Career Wardrobe will benefit.

Check out a few of the #FrugalFashionFinds that caught my eye...

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There a few ways that you can help this prom season:

  • The Prom Boutique being open every day through Prom season so let a young woman in high school know!
  • The Career Wardrobe has started a Crowdrise page. For every $1000 raised, they’re giving 5 ladies their dresses at no cost! If they reach $5000, Career Wardrobe will donate 5 Dream Packages which includes dress, hair, nails and transportation! Click here to check out the Crowdrise page and donate. Every dollar helps!
  • Get in on the Prom-O-Rama fun! Every Saturday in March The Wardrobe Boutique offers 20% off gowns (prices start at $50), gift bags while supplies last, and each week purchasers are entered into a raffle for fun boutique prizes!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to The Wardrobe Boutique online or in-store and help empower a woman today!

– Sincerely Syreeta

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