Ex-Wall Streeter shares wealth of knowledge with Philly students

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For kids back in the day, finances and money management were stuff your parents worried about. Today, those skills are taught to many students as early as middle school.

But Ashley M. Fox, a former Wall Street analyst with nine years in the financial industry, is working to take financial education for children to the next step.

“I believe that financial education should not be something you learn through trial and error, but unfortunately, that’s how most adults learn,” said Fox, a Philadelphia resident.

Her passion to teach others about personal finance is rooted in her time on Wall Street, where she spent a good part of her career. In asset management, Fox and her team worked closely with millionaires and billionaires to help grow and sustain their wealth. She began to notice that there were “a lot of things” the wealthy were doing financially that she and her family were not. She learned much from her position, but Fox still experienced a lack of fulfillment when it came to her life purpose.

“There has been a need for financial literacy within our schools and community, so I wanted to create something that provided financial empowerment for people of all ages,” Fox said.

In 2013, she started her company, Empify Inc., with the mission of “educating, empowering and modifying” the mindset of clients and students by changing the way they perceive themselves and the role of money in their lives. (The name of her company combines the words empower and modify.)

Fox became an independent financial coach and now works with more than 200 clients, helping them to plan and build their financial foundation.

But something still nagged at her.

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