DIGNITY FOR ALL: Lolly Galvin harnesses the power of social media for the homeless

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Lolly Galvin will talk to anyone—the trash collector, the cab driver, the store clerk, you name it. But until the age of 31, she’d never talked to one group of people—the homeless. It wasn’t a conscious or intentional act. It was just…life.

Photo courtesy of Lolly Galvin (Dignity Project), via @therealhumanist on Instagram
Photo: Lolly Galvin, via Instagram

After graduating from LaSalle, the Atlantic City native went on to run a small chain of retail stores. She worked 70 hours a week without time for much else. On any given day, she headed to one of her stores, dropping a dollar or two to a homeless person along the way. But she never stopped.

That unexpectedly changed this past January, when a series of events led Galvin to meet Tom, a homeless man who inspired The Dignity Project, Galvin’s mission to provide those living on the street with needed supplies—and a chance to tell their stories to the world. Six months later, Galvin is on a nationwide Dignity Tour, using the power of social media to raise awareness of not just the issue of homelessness, but the real people who are living it.

Click here to head over to The Philadelphia Citizen and read my full coverage of Galvin and the Dignity Project.

Ps. There are plenty of ways that you can help make a difference in the lives of the homeless and be an upstanding Philadelphia Citizen. Be sure to check out the site to learn how!

-Sincerely Syreeta

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