August | “And That’s Okay…”

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And that’s okay.

It’s a simple yet powerful statement…

Gray_Pick2_contentIn the pursuit to achieve fulfillment in both my personal life and career (which is what I identify as success), I’ve had to release people, places and things that were familiar to my senses and heart, but a threat to my growth. I’ve dealt with various traumas and pain, as we all have, and this concept of “and that’s okay” has always allowed me to free myself from that moment in time and move forward, optimistically—or at least determinedly—to the next step in my journey.

So what do I mean by this “and that’s okay” talk?

Case in point:

Someone you love has pained you greatly, possibly even repeatedly, causing you to realize that you must create some space between you and their toxicity.

What my spirit has spoken to my broken heart in moments such as this is:

“I am not wrong for loving this person–for desiring a deeper and more fulfilling connection with them. We were placed in one another’s path for a reason. I am not wrong for taking the measures necessary to protect and nurture my healthy growth and happiness. I have to let go of them at this moment, and trust that I will find my way just as I hope they will. This did not happen to me and it did not happen to them; it happened for the both of us. So yes, I have to let go of them right now…and that’s okay.”

Or how about:

You’re at a job that brings you no real fulfillment. The comfort of the paycheck still seems to outweigh the promise of your purpose. You struggle with the idea of taking a career risk and even experience some guilt in the process.

An internal breakthrough (after deep thought and planning) in that moment, may sound like:

“I’ve outgrown this job and its offering. I am not wrong for feeling that this work is draining my time, creativity and potential. I am not wrong for wanting more. I am not wrong for taking the steps necessary to follow where my heart and instincts are leading me. I want more, I want better, I want different and I’m willing to risk it…and that’s okay.

What About You?

Have you ever experienced an “And That’s Okay” epiphany in life (be it love, career, health, spirituality, parenthood, family, etc.)?

Throughout the month of August will feature essays, memoirs, short stories, videos, and artwork from people who have experienced an #ATOEpiphany.

I hope you’ll consider sharing your experience.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the month.

And no worries: If you prefer to be interviewed, you can click here to answer the questions (they can be submitted anonymously if you’d prefer to protect your identity for any reason).



This is for those resilient human spirits who are determined to rise to life’s occasion and accept this reality (and feel free to say it aloud):

I am who I intrinsically am and I’m headed for a destiny that is mine all my own—one that is positive and full of limitless possibilities. I must complete this leg of my journey for the betterment of myself and my purpose. There may come times when I have to let go of what and who I knew, and walk on my own towards my destiny… 
…and that’s okay.

Now, let’s get to it shall we?

Be empowered today and every day, love.

– Sincerely Syreeta

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