#ATOEpiphany: Harshest Critic, Greatest Teacher

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / August 15, 2016

A prominent #ATOEpiphany that comes to mind is my college days. I’ve been always been somewhat of a perfectionist. More so, very detail-oriented. I pay close attention to detail in all my pursuits. I failed a major class in college.

I never failed a class before. Heck, I skipped kindergarten!

Not only did I have an unsatisfactory mark but I later learned I had to retake the class in order to graduate. I thought I was doing great in the class and my professor failed me in my final project, quoting, “You cannot defend mediocre work.” Imagine someone telling you you’re mediocre, lol!

I cried for the rest of the day.

The following day, I assessed the situation, and reminded myself that this was all a test to my emotional intelligence. I mustered up the courage to reevaluate where I went wrong and humbly accepted that I had to retake the class. For a while, I resented my professor. But then I realized he had a lot to offer to help me master my multimedia craft. In the long run, he became a mentor and a great source for my industry.

“Sometimes it’s the person you least expect who¬†pushes you to become a better professional, and that’s okay.”

– Fatia K.

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