#ATOEpiphany: A Broken Heart, A Strengthened Soul

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / August 16, 2016
Name: MyAsia Reid | City/Town: Philadelphia | State/Province: PA

Sincerely Syreeta: When did you have your #ATOEpiphany and what were the circumstances that preceded it?

ATO_MyAsiaReidMyAsia Reid: My last relationship in 2015 that ended. I used to always wonder why in the church when people had issues or struggles, it always went silent or you heard about it later on. I always wanted to know how those serious issues were dealt with. And then, after my horrible breakup God told me, “you talk about it.”

SS: What did you find to be most challenging or painful about the break up?

MR: The most painful thing for me was actually healing from it. I was upset at the situation, but I never once blamed God. I was content with if God used me to bring his dirt and sin to the surface then amen. But going to work, and coming straight home to cry, and pray and worship my way through was tough. That was 8 months ago. I used to pray for the day when I could say it easy x [amount of] time ago…because two days ago, and seven days ago was rough.

SS: What did it teach you about yourself?

MR: The very words that Tasha Cobbs speaks of: “For your glory, I will do anything just to see you, to behold you as my king.” I realized that no matter what Satan could have used to try to get me to lose focus or be upset at God like he did Job, if anything it brought me and God closer because God protected me from a counterfeit.

SS: What did it teach you about life and people?

MR: Wherever there are people, people will be people, and to always continue to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness…and God will give me all that I need (Matthew 6:33). I’m the type of person that if someone hits me, I’ll let them know that I’ll be fine in time instead of admitting that I’m in pain and I need a moment. So my prayer through my healing was, “God whatever I need to go through to be healed properly, allow it to take place so that I walk away with the pure heart.”

SS: How did you get to the space where you could honestly say, “this happened…and that’s okay” without feeling any negative emotions (or at least significantly less)?

MR: When I was honest with how I was feeling and open with others when they asked how I was doing. I wanted to find someone I could relate to who went through something similar but after getting advice, it was clear, “in the end, it’s just you and God; go through it.” I forgive him and didn’t beat myself up for it not working out.

SS: What words of wisdom would you pass along to someone else that is experiencing something similar?

MR: Trust in the Lord with all I’m your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways (prayer, journaling, worship, praise) acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

SS: Since having your #ATOEpiphany, how do you live your life differently now?

MR: I am always reminded that as long as I am living my life to the full John 10:10, and doing what pleases Him, He will always have my back. In life there are seasons of growth and regardless of what my test is, the goal is to pass so that I can share it with others who will go through it.

SS: In keeping with the idea that things don’t happen to us, rather for us: Why do you think that this may have happened for you?

MR: I have been able to share my story with so many people who have been trying to find ways to heal or move on; it’s been rewarding in the fact that I’m able to be a light in someone else’s life.

I may make my plans, but the Lord determines my steps…and that’s okay!

Photo credit: Krissy Sheehan

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