#ATOEpiphany: The Decision is Mine, Not Theirs

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / August 18, 2016
City/Town: Pittsburgh | State/Province: PA

Sincerely Syreeta: When did you have your #ATOEpiphany and what were the circumstances that preceded it?

About late March of 2016. I spent a lot of time alone with my thoughts. I constantly weighed out the good and the bad of my situation. Once I realized that the good was going to keep outweighing the bad no matter how many times I measured it, that’s when I accepted that “this is happening to me and I’m okay with it.”

Sincerely Syreeta: What did you find to be most challenging or painful about the situation or circumstance?

The most challenging part of it all was accepting that my life was going to change forever no matter what I decided to do next.

Sincerely Syreeta:  What did it teach you about yourself?

My #ATOEpiphany taught me that I am a lot stronger than I ever could have imagined. It taught me that I can accept any challenge I am given and maintain my happiness through it all.

Sincerely Syreeta: What did it teach you about life and people?

It taught me that everyone deals with change in their own special ways and I cannot force anyone to accept anything on my terms. While change is inevitable, it is scary for some people. They may say things and do things that are hurtful. It is not my job to pretend that I am not hurt but to be patient and always show love. It is easier to do the right thing.

Sincerely Syreeta: How did you get to the space where you could honestly say, “this happened…and that’s okay” without feeling any negative emotions (or at least significantly less)?

With the help of a lot of silence (no music, or reading, or movies) I was able to realize that no one was going to be hurt and only love would come from it.

Sincerely Syreeta: What words of wisdom would you pass along to someone else that is experiencing something similar?

Forget about what EVERYONE else might say or think and always consider your health and happiness.

Sincerely Syreeta:  Since having your #ATOEpiphany, how do you live your life differently now?

Now I look at a situation and analyze the good and the bad, accept it, and move on. I try not to think so negatively about seemingly bad situations. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Sincerely Syreeta: In keeping with the idea that things don’t happen to us, rather for us: Why do you think that this may have happened for you?

I believe this happened for me so that I could finally find my happiness and peace of mind.

There will come times when you simply must do what’s best for you…and that’s okay.

Photo credit: Krissy Sheehan (Note: The photo is a part of Sheehan’s People Watch series. None of the people pictured are the author of this submission. The art simply captures an essence found in the submission.)

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