#ATOEpiphany: Friendship’s Change, Nothing was the Same

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / August 20, 2016

Death is never easy to deal with.  Especially when the loved one is still alive.

The person is still breathing, walking, presumably enjoying life.  But for all intents and purposes they’re dead to you.

It was all good just a week ago.

Or maybe a few months ago. Or has it been years?  It’s hard to pinpoint the exact date “the change” happened or the one thing (from millions of possibilities) that could have caused the levee to break.

All you know is that it’s not the same.  Positive thought-provoking conversations? Done. Seeing more of your strengths than your faults? Done. Mutual accountability? Nah.

Bond-strengthening daps are replaced by awkward handshakes.

Phone-call check-ins are now occasional GroupMe Likes.

Frontline support is now a back-stabbing whisper.

How the hell did you get here and how much is the Uber to get back?

Who knows.

What you know for sure is that what was once a familial friendship, is now a cancerous conundrum.

That you know for sure.

So regardless of what happened and what didn’t happen, what was said and what wasn’t, the person you once knew is no longer with us.

Dearly departed.

They can no longer cause you pain.

And you can’t retaliate.

They’re in a better place.

And so are you.

….and that’s okay.

– Anonymous

Photo credit: Krissy Sheehan

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