#ATOEpiphany: The Redemption of an Entrepreneur

ATO Epiphany / Breaking / Carousel / August 30, 2016

It was December 2013 and I was embarrassed.

Successful entrepreneurs do not own failed businesses, I thought.

Within a year, my thrift store opened and closed.  I was worried about what others might think or say. There was no public announcement, no customer communication. I went off the grid. My family didn’t know until months later. I avoided the situation completely by rarely mentioning the thrift store.

In retrospect, my worst enemy wasn’t the outside world; it was my inner dialogue. I believed in all of my doubts. I believed in what I was telling myself. Negative self-talk led to anxiety, and later, anxious behaviors.

In my mind, there was no need to restart. I missed my opportunity. I was frozen in a mixture of guilt and regret. I stopped considering myself a creator and stopped creating.

I followed that sad story for the next two years.

I was emotionally attached and quite possibly in mourning.  

I was stuck.

The most challenging part was recovering from that loss; it felt traumatizing.

Redemption started when I accepted what happened. I used the experience as a compass instead of a burden. It took some practice, but doing this began to change my narrative. (To this day, I am constantly discerning my beliefs, intentions, and behaviors.)

Perspective is everything. Failure then was the end of the world.  Failure now is added wisdom and a re-direction.

How can I make space for the new? What can I do now to help change things?

Deep down, I wanted to open another store and I intended to honor that vision. I planned small. The Bennu Post was created during a stage of honest self-reflection. It’s a curated vintage wardrobe available online and soon in stores. I admire where the Bennu Post is now and were it will go in the future.  

I am blessed to build up my passions…

My first business failed and that’s okay.  

– Carter B.

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